DNP Photo Printers Help 3db Solution Provide Instant Amusement Park Souvenirs

DNP Photo Printers Help 3db Solution Provide Instant Amusement Park Souvenirs


Concord, NC—Specializing in the development of digital photo systems for the amusement park and attractions industry, 3db Solution Inc. has capitalized on the growing demand for instant photo souvenirs at attractions throughout Canada and the United States by utilizing DNP dye-sublimation photo printers.

In addition to photo souvenirs for amusement park rides, the Quebec-based company develops computerized photo systems for photo booths, haunted houses, zoos and other entertainment attractions. 3db Solution integrates DNP’s dye-sublimation photo printers into every photo system it installs.

3db has focused on developing solutions for the amusement park industry since shortly after 1990, when it was founded to develop photo kiosks for old-fashioned photo portraits. The company’s service for amusement parks is the Ride Photo system, which uses its proprietary Action Photos software to produce instant souvenirs for high-speed rides. The system features cameras that are installed in strategic areas on amusement rides and create a digital image every five seconds. When finished, riders can view their photographs on a computer monitor located at the end of the ride. Only the photographs chosen are printed in a custom souvenir-frame with the amusement park’s logo.

“One of our greatest selling points to amusement park operators is the additional revenue opportunities our systems offer,” said Daniel Bleau, owner and founder of 3db Solution Inc. “By integrating DNP printers into our systems we have the ability to quickly print high-quality images with custom borders at a price many park visitors find hard to resist.”

The system uses digital GigE camera capture and fiber optic transfer to ensure each photo is captured quickly in high resolution and delivered to a station at the end of the ride for purchase and print. 3db typically deploys six DNP DS40, six Q4 and three DS80 printers with each Ride Photo system. Depending on the size of the souvenir, the system will print from either a DS40 for 4×6, 5×7 and 6×8 images, a DS80 for 8×10 and 8×12 images, or a Q4 for 6×9 images.

“We’ve worked with DNP since 2008,” added Bleau. “DNP printers were not only the most cost-efficient solution to print our ride photos, but they are also the fastest and most reliable. Those unique qualities paired with DNP’s commitment to customer service have truly made it the perfect fit to ensure our reputation for providing high-quality souvenirs continues to go unblemished.” and