Dreamstime’s App Brings In Tens of Thousands of New Users and Uploaded...

Dreamstime’s App Brings In Tens of Thousands of New Users and Uploaded Images


Nashville, TN—Dreamstime, Inc., a large designer database of stock photography, is experiencing massive growth due to the newly released Dreamstime Companion. The app, launched in July for iOS and Android platforms, allows smartphone users to access the Dreamstime community and upload their own photos via their mobile devices. Tens of thousands of new mobile images have been added to Dreamstime’s database since its launch, with Android users in the lead.

“The purpose of the Dreamstime Companion mobile app is to continuously inspire and enable photographers, both professional and nonprofessional, so they can capture and share their meaningful images on the go,” said Serban Enache, CEO and cofounder of Dreamstime Inc. “Now users can access and upload photos to our marketplace and buy them directly through their mobile devices.”

Current reports state that more than 100,000 photos have been submitted to Dreamstime since the launch of their app. Of these new photos, approximately 30,000 are mobile images. More than 85,000 smartphone owners have downloaded the Dreamstime Companion app, with iOS users accounting for 31,000+ new members and Android users making up the majority with approximately 42,000.

“The numbers prove that the Dreamstime Companion app is a useful and advantageous tool for photographers to keep up with their photos and earnings. Because of the app, Dreamstime’s database of photographs contains more variety than ever; therefore, attracting many new users to join our community,” added Enache.

The Dreamstime Companion app is available now in the iTunes and Google Play App Stores. dreamstime.com