Tiffen Ships Mavic Mini Drone Filter Kits

Tiffen Ships Mavic Mini Drone Filter Kits


Hauppauge, NY—Tiffen Filters, a division of the Tiffen Company, is shipping its new line of drone filters for the DJI Mavic Mini drone. The Mavic Mini drone filter kits are available in three-filter kit and six-filter kit versions of neutral density as well as neutral density polarizer filters.

“With Tiffen’s exceptional filter kits for DJI, drone operators will have the opportunity to capture in-flight content like never before,” the company announced. “When used in conjunction with the award-winning filter technology engineered by Tiffen, the high-quality content possibilities are endless.”

Tiffen Mavic Mini Drone Filter Kits

The new Mavic Mini filter kits join Tiffen’s line of drone filter kits for the DJI Mavic 2 Pro; DJI Mavic 2 Zoom; DJI Inspire 2; as well as the DJI Phantom 4 Pro. Included with both of the new kits is a cleaning cloth and compact carrying case to take on any adventure.

Tiffen-Mavic-Mini-drone filter 3-filter-kit
Tiffen Mavic Mini 3-Filter Kit

The filters feature waterproof and anti-scratch multicoating and 4K high-definition optical glass. They also include an aluminum filter clip. Tiffen filters will improve the quality of images of the Mavic Mini by controlling light through neutral density and polarizing filters for a Hollywood look.

In addition, Tiffen filters for the DJI Mavic Mini easily clip over the lens yet stay firmly in place during flight. Both kits allow image makers to create more professional content by having greater control in-camera. They allow a wider aperture to control depth of field or a slower shutter speed to convey movement more easily.

The Mavic Mini 3-Filter Kit retails for $59.99. It includes the following Tiffen neutral density/polarizer filters: the ND4/PL, ND8/PL as well as ND16/PL filters.

Tiffen Mavic Mini 6-Filter Kit

The Mavic Mini 6-Filter Kit from Tiffen sells for $89.99. It includes the following filters: ND4; ND4/PL; ND8; ND8/PL; ND16; and also the ND16/PL.

The Tiffen filter kits for the DJI Mavic Mini are available through Tiffen’s authorized dealer network.