YI Technology Demos Action Cam & Drone

YI Technology Demos Action Cam & Drone


Las Vegas, NV—Developer of intelligent imaging solutions, YI Technology revealed its YI 4K+ action camera and is also demonstrating its full line of connected devices in the LVCC at Tech West, including the Erida drone.

YI 4K+ Action Cam

Able to capture 4K video at 60 fps, the action cam offers improvements over its predecessor, such as a 120-mbps bit rate for high-quality video, electronic image stabilization, live streaming and voice command technology with improved outdoor audio for hands-free control.

YI 4K+

Additionally, with a 12MP sensor, it captures RAW images and is capable of burst shooting. A 2.19-inch retina touch-screen display enables intuitive operation, including preview and playback. It also features virtual-reality-grade hardware and software implementations. Furthermore, the YI Technology action cam employs an Ambarella H2 SOC processor.

YI Technology Erida

Claimed to be the fastest tricopter drone, the Erida is a full carbon smart drone created in cooperation with Atlas Dynamics, a team of aerospace engineers as well as software developers. It’s engineered to combine strength, speed and YI’s 4K action cam in a three-rotor form factor that also offers simple operation.

YI Tech Erida

Due to Erida’s carbon frame and streamlined design, YI claims the consumer drone is exceptionally fast and agile—capable of flying 75 mph. Additionally, in initial tests, it flew for up to 40 minutes. Other highlights include folding rotors to make it portable; control via the YI Erida app without a remote; and a LIDAR radar system with a built-in laser scanner to maximize safety.

The drone offers various modes: follow, to follow the pilot; random, choosing its flight modes; beam, an auto mode; focus, concentrating on a preset point; orbit, where it circles the pilot; freeflight, which allows the pilot to fly it as if it were a plane; and mission, with the pilot dropping a point on the map to create a path to follow. yitechnology.com