Drytac Backlit Film Rebranded as Reveal

Drytac Backlit Film Rebranded as Reveal


Richmond, VA—Backlit film from Drytac received a new title that directly relates to its key selling features. The 7mil printable, matte PET film was rebranded Reveal for its overall look and feel, which is comparable to a true durable transparency.

According to Drytac, “With Reveal backlit film, light is dispersed evenly and consistently across graphic images for a vibrant display. Its brilliant white point yields excellent color saturation, tonal rendition and contrast, enhancing graphics for a more vivid appearance.”

UV and latex inks also adhere to Reveal, to provide exceptional print quality. Additionally, Reveal can be cut on automated cutting machines.

“Reveal allows for effortless insertion of graphics into light boxes as a result of its rigidity and an antislip, antistatic treatment on the back of the film,” added a Drytac rep. The film is geared for indoor and outdoor backlit graphic displays.

Reveal is offered in 54-, 60- and 72-inch wide rolls (86-inch width available by special order). drytac.com