Eyefi Cloud Photo Management & Syncing Service Unifies Photos across Devices

Eyefi Cloud Photo Management & Syncing Service Unifies Photos across Devices


Mountain View, CA—Eyefi, a global leader in connecting digital cameras across devices and to the Internet, announced it would make Eyefi Cloud available without the need for an Eyefi Mobi Wi-Fi SD card. Photographers can use their smartphone or Wi-Fi enabled camera to experience the benefits of a unified, organized library anytime, anywhere.

The Eyefi apps and cloud service are designed to allow photographers to enjoy instant photo organization, editing and sharing as soon as they take a photo. All their photos, regardless of which camera they used to take them, are organized in a unified library that’s available anytime, anywhere. In addition, Eyefi Cloud syncs the entire photo library to all devices so photographers can access their photo library—organized and up-to-date—on any device.

“Photographers want to focus on their craft rather than be mired in the details of photo management,” said Matt DiMaria, CEO of Eyefi. “By making Eyefi Cloud available to anyone, photographers have the freedom to select the camera that’s right for the moment and still enjoy a unified library in sync on all their favorite devices—all by simply clicking the shutter.”

The goal is to give photographers the flexibility to choose the right camera to capture the perfect shot while at the same time eliminating the hassles of manual merging, e-mailing and searching. Photographers can pick up a smartphone to snap a photo of dinner with friends, and the image is automatically organized and synced through Eyefi Cloud. Additionally, photographers have the flexibility to add an Eyefi Mobi Wi-Fi SD card to their digital camera to take fast-action, low-light shots and view those photos alongside the ones taken with the smartphone. As soon as the photo is taken, Eyefi Cloud syncs the entire photo library to a user’s smartphone, tablet, desktop and laptop, and it makes the original-resolution photos secure.

Other features include the ability to preview all photos, make adjustments—crop, rotate or organize them with tags—and create albums using a phone, computer or tablet; and the capability to see what camera settings (EXIF visualization) were used so images can be recreated or adjustments made.

Photographers can download the Eyefi Mobi app, which is available for iOS, Android and Kindle devices, to organize, edit and share their photos on mobile devices. Users can sign up for Eyefi Cloud within the Eyefi Mobi app to sync those photos to their favorite devices. Eyefi Cloud includes a free 30-day membership. Annual memberships are available for $49.99 per year and include support for unlimited photo syncing and storage. Additional pricing is available at eyefi.com/go/cloud.