Eyefi & Microsoft Make Digital Camera Photos Available on Windows Phones

Eyefi & Microsoft Make Digital Camera Photos Available on Windows Phones


Mountain View, CA—Eyefi announced that its photography solution will now allow Windows phone users to take pictures with both their digital cameras and Windows phone and have all those pictures automatically organized together and available to share instantly.

“Eyefi has pioneered digital photography, mobile apps and services, and we are pleased to offer its solution to our millions of Windows mobile phone customers,” said Chris Bernard, partner evangelist at Microsoft Corp. “Now our customers have instant access to their entire collection of photographs right on their Windows phone so they can enjoy and share them whenever and wherever they want.”

Eyefi’s app works from the moment a picture is captured, automatically organizing, classifying and syncing photos regardless of what camera was used to take them. The app leverages unique features that are part of the Windows phone platform, including live tiles.

“Photographers want to spend more time taking photos and sharing them rather than managing and searching for them,” said Matt DiMaria, CEO of Eyefi. “We are pleased to offer Windows mobile users the ability to have all their photos automatically organized and accessible at their fingertips from their phone.”

Eyefi Mobi and Mobi Pro Wi-Fi SD cards can be used to connect any camera with the free Eyefi Mobi app on a Windows phone. As soon as a picture is taken, Eyefi wirelessly transfers it to the phone, organizes it and syncs the photo across all devices, displaying them all together on a PC, tablet and phone.

All Eyefi Mobi cards include a limited membership to Eyefi Cloud. Eyefi Cloud permits users to: access photos on other devices as soon as they’re taken for immediate access; browse photos by camera type to easily view and find photos; share photos through social networks and privately through Eyefi.

Advanced image recognition identifies photos by subject area, such as food, indoor, outdoor and dozens of other attributes for organization. And the service also enables users to improve photography skills by seeing what camera settings (EXIF visualization) were used to create the perfect picture.

Users can download the Eyefi Mobi app for free at windowsphone.com. To add photos from digital cameras, they can use an Eyefi Mobi card, with pricing starting at $49.99. All Eyefi Mobi cards include a limited time membership to Eyefi Cloud. The monthly subscription fee is $4.99. eyefi.com