Eyefi Mobi Pro 16GB Wi-Fi SD Card: Auto Transfer, Organization & Backup...

Eyefi Mobi Pro 16GB Wi-Fi SD Card: Auto Transfer, Organization & Backup to Cloud and Compute

Eyefi Mobi Pro Wi-Fi

Mountain View, CA—Eyefi expanded its Wi-Fi SD card lineup with a 16GB edition of its Mobi Pro line. Mobi Pro 16GB provides photography enthusiasts and professional photographers with instant access from any smartphone, tablet or PC to their high-quality digital camera images.

Mobi Pro 16GB includes one year of Eyefi Cloud, providing unlimited storage and synchronization to the cloud. Eyefi Cloud also archives RAW, JPEG and video files to the photographer’s desktop computer.

“By offering a 16GB version of our award-winning Mobi Pro Wi-Fi SD card with one year of Eyefi Cloud membership, we’re enabling more photographers to benefit from the convenience and power of EyeFi Cloud,” said Laura Torres, vice president, Product Marketing, Eyefi. “Eyefi goes to work the moment an image is captured, automatically creating a consolidated and intelligently organized photo library synced with all devices, securing photos in the cloud, and even archiving them to desktop computers. It’s like having a photo assistant with you on every shoot.”

Said to be simple and fast to set up, Mobi Pro gives photographers control over which images to transfer from their camera to their mobile device or computer for editing, sharing and syncing. Providing photographers with wireless transfer of both RAW and JPEG images, it permits them the flexibility to integrate Mobi Pro with their preferred tools and workflow: they can send JPEGs to a mobile device for instant preview, quick editing and sharing, and send RAW files to a computer for postproduction with tools such as Adobe Lightroom.

Images are securely and automatically transferred whether shooting on location, at home or in a studio. Away from home, Mobi Pro creates its own Wi-Fi hotspot to enable transfer. At home, the card connects to a local network to instantly transfer images.

Additionally, Mobi Pro leverages Eyefi Cloud—a complete imaging solution that supports automatic transfer of new images captured using any device: a digital camera equipped with an Eyefi Mobi card; a smartphone camera; or the latest Wi-Fi enabled digital cameras from GoPro, Olympus and others. Photographers can also upload existing photo collections from their computers using Eyefi desktop apps. The one-year Eyefi Cloud membership provides access to an unlimited number of photos of at full resolution, including RAW format images.

With Eyefi Cloud, photographers benefit from one unified photo collection with original-resolution photos from any source consolidated and organized by date and time—and always available in Eyefi Cloud. Image analysis automatically classifies and indexes images into 10 primary categories and 80 subcategories to make it easier to find images.

Additionally, the Eyefi mobile apps work with Eyefi Cloud to render every image synchronized to any mobile device in high resolution, while using a fraction of the memory of the original image. Device-resident images are stored in a local, synchronized database that can be viewed even when the device is off a data network in “airplane mode.” As a result, photographers can always access their entire photo collection for viewing, curating, editing and sharing.

Eyefi Mobi Pro 16GB is available for $69.99, which includes one year of membership to Eyefi Cloud with unlimited syncing and storage—a $49.99 value. eyefi.com