Eyefi Mobi Pro Wi-Fi SD Card

Eyefi Mobi Pro Wi-Fi SD Card


Mountain View, CA—Eyefi, a global leader in digital photo apps and services, launched Eyefi Mobi Pro, a 32-gigabyte Wi-Fi SD memory card. Mobi Pro is the latest in the company’s product portfolio and is the only Wi-Fi SD card that combines advanced wireless transfer features with photo apps and integrated cloud services.

“Mobi Pro delivers the power and convenience that our customers desire,” said Matt DiMaria, CEO of Eyefi. “Mobi Pro works from the moment of capture sending images to mobile devices and desktops to speed workflow. Powerful, automated photo categorization and syncing with Eyefi Cloud make it easier than ever to find, access and enjoy photos on any device at anytime. We are extremely pleased to make this best-in-class product available to photographers around the globe.”

Mobi Pro enables instant transfer of photographs to a phone, tablet or desktop. Its key features including selective transfer; using the camera mode, photographers have the freedom to select only those files they wish to transfer to their mobile device or PC, thus speeding the workflow. Selective transfer speeds workflow by transferring and getting just the pictures users are interested in viewing and editing. 

Photographers can also capture both RAW and JPEG files and transfer both types wirelessly with Mobi Pro. They can send JPEG images to a mobile device for instant preview, quick editing and sharing as well as send RAW files to a desktop PC for post processing. 

In addition, Eyefi Mobi Pro will transfer images over photographers’ existing home or studio networks. Or if they are on location, it will create and use a private, secure connection for on-the-go convenience.

The Wi-Fi SD card also boasts integrated apps and services. The enhanced Eyefi Mobi app automatically organizes photos by date and time as they are taken and allows for instant previewing, editing and sharing photos via most social networks.  Additionally, photographers can quickly compare photos and view detailed image data such as shutter speed and aperture settings (EXIF data).  For photographers that prefer desktops or laptops, Eyefi desktop can send images to Mac and PCs for further editing, curating and archiving.

Eyefi Mobi Pro is also a cloud-connected Wi-Fi SD card. It works seamlessly with Eyefi Cloud and makes newly captured photos instantly available on all devices—smartphones, tablets, PCs or smart TVs. For photographers who shoot with both a camera and a phone, it automatically merges photos from different cameras into a single collection where they can be further curated. Photographers can also add their historical, computer-stored photos to their collection. Automated photo categorization makes it easier to find photos and access them on any device, on or offline. 

Eyefi Mobi Pro is priced at $99.99 and comes with a full year of membership to Eyefi Cloud with unlimited syncing and storage (a $49.99 value). eyefi.com