FotoNation Imaging Technology Integrated into OnePlus Smartphones

The new OnePlus X phone features FotoNation’s high dynamic range, face beautification and panorama technologies.


San Jose, CA—FotoNation Limited, a subsidiary of Tessera Technologies and the leading provider of computational imaging solutions for digital still cameras and mobile phones, announced that its user-oriented digital imaging solutions have been implemented in OnePlus smartphones. OnePlus is a technology start-up committed “to bringing the best possible technology to users around the world.”

FotoNation’s high-dynamic range (HDR), face beautification and panorama technologies are available in multiple OnePlus smartphone models, including the OnePlus X, which launched in the U.S. on November 19, 2015.

OnePlus X

The two companies stated they joined forces to set a new standard in terms of user experience with the OnePlus X, because today’s smartphone cameras demand the best optics, image sensor technology and imaging algorithms to achieve the best performance and capture the best images. FotoNation’s HDR, face beautification and panorama solutions are customized for OnePlus to take full advantage of the OnePlus X’s 13 megapixel camera sensor and optics.

“We are still driven by the desire to disrupt the industry; in fact, we’ve built OnePlus X with this thought in mind,” said Oliver Zhang, director, Product Planning, OnePlus X. “OnePlus X is much more than specs, and this is why we’ve partnered with FotoNation. In the camera’s case, megapixels fail to tell the whole story. Beyond hardware, powerful imaging features in a simple user interface are at the core of our camera application. FotoNation’s technology helped us achieve this goal.”

FotoNation’s face- and eye-detection as well as tracking technologies are already found in 60% of tier-one smartphones globally. The technologies represent the foundation of FotoNation’s FaceSavvy product portfolio, which is designed to change the way users experience mobile photography.

“Our vision to significantly enhance the smartphone user experience aligns well with OnePlus’s best-in-class products,” said Sumat Mehra, senior vice president, Marketing and Business Development, FotoNation. “By customizing FotoNation’s technology specifically for OnePlus X’s optics and image sensors, we have been able to improve the device with great photographic capabilities, while also delivering the ultimate user experience.”