Gary Fong Launches Premium Training Video Membership Program

Gary Fong Launches Premium Training Video Membership Program


New York, NY—GFIP Holdings LLC, a photographic lighting accessories manufacturer and educational guru, introduced its new Premium Video membership exclusively for subscribers at the introductory rate of $12.95 per month.

“We are known as a trusted source for quality and design in the photographic accessory category, but our responsibility to our customers does not stop there,” said Gary Fong, renowned photographer and CEO of GFIP Holdings LLC. “Customer education is the cornerstone of our business. It is imperative we utilize monumental tools such as video tutorials to teach our customers how to bring our products and their cameras to life.”

The existing Gary Fong YouTube channel ( boasts over 300 tutorial videos that have generated over 5.3 million views. Following this channel are 36,000 subscribers, many of which expressed a desire for more in-depth tutorials, thus giving birth to the growing list of Premium Videos.

The Premium Videos are extended, carefully detailed, online training courses between one and four hours in duration presented by a recognized name in photography, Gary Fong. The lineup includes an Unleash the Power series, where Fong shows viewers how to configure their cameras to make the most of their many powerful features by unlocking secrets hidden inside the cameras that are rarely explained in owners’ manuals.

Additionally, there are comprehensive courses on a range of other topics, including digital file management, photography studio design, album design, and wedding photography, which features real-time footage from an actual wedding.

The Premium Videos utilize diagrams and live photo shoots to punctuate an understanding of the lessons. If anything is unclear, users can use the “Click
Here to Ask a Question” icon next to each video to chat with a customer service representative and get immediate answers.