AnchorFree Picaboo App: Secure Photo Exchange

AnchorFree Picaboo App: Secure Photo Exchange

New App Bypasses Cloud Storage for Private Photo Sharing


Menlo Park, CA—A leader in consumer security, privacy and also Internet freedom, AnchorFree announced Picaboo. The free, secure and private photo-sharing app for Android and iOS smartphones allows users to instantly share hundreds of photos with one click—without uploading the photos anywhere.

Picaboo users can share up to 300 photos at a time without uploading or storing the pictures in the public cloud or any social networking site. The photos are transferred securely from the user’s phone to a friend’s phone. Furthermore, the photos stay on the user’s phone, not in the cloud.

While otPicaboo_Screen-3-2017her photo sharing or messaging apps can limit sharing to 10 or 20 pictures at a time, Picaboo enables users to select individual photos or whole albums with virtually no wait time for uploading and sharing.

“We want to put users in control of their photos and their data. Sharing with close friends does not have to mean giving up on your privacy and having to upload your personal photos to a public cloud or Facebook,” said David Gorodyansky, founder and CEO of AnchorFree.

“At AnchorFree, our mission is to provide secure access to the world’s information for every person on the planet. We created Picaboo to provide users with more control as well as more choice over easy, fast and secure ways to share. All of our apps were built on our secure Hotspot Shield platform, ensuring privacy as well as security,” added Gorodyansky.

With Picaboo, photos are transferred in a secure exchange. “Sharing photos via Picaboo is more secure than uploading them to social apps like Facebook or Snapchat. Your photos belong to you and are not uploaded or stored anywhere. Only you and your friends have access to the photos you want to share,” explained Gorodyansky.
Picaboo-IconFurthermore, using Picabook, only users have access to their private photo collections.

The app only grants access to photos selected by users to friends they choose. Photo albums can also be shared with multiple friends at once.

Picaboo Use Cases

The app is designed for the following use cases:

•    Party Pictures. Users can exchange party photos with selected friends without uploading images to a social network that’s viewed by all their “friends.”
•    Trip Photos. Users can exchange hundreds of travel photos taken on their phones via Picaboo. What happened on vacation stays on their phones and is only shared with selected people. Hundreds of photos can be shared with one click.
•    Family Photos. For those worried about everyone on Facebook or Instagram seeing photos from a family holiday, users can share with just family members.
•    Baby Photos. Users can keep photos of their children private from strangers who may download pictures without consent from social networks.
•    Professional Photographers. The app enables photographers to securely permit clients to proof photographs. No passwords are needed. Photographers can safely send clients photos to preview then remove access afterward.

Picaboo Encryption

Picaboo uses encrypted VPN technology to allow users to invite friends as well as family to securely view photos stored on their mobile devices. AnchorFree’s VPN, Hotspot Shield, encrypts all photos to ensure secure and private sharing and viewing. Furthermore, more than 500 million users have downloaded Hotspot Shield across mobile devices and computers.


Funded by $63 million from Goldman Sachs and other blue chip investors, AnchorFree is focused on brinAnchorFree-Logo-w-tagging online privacy as well as freedom to the next billion Internet users. The company claims it is growing by six million new downloads of Hotspot Shield per month and is on track to reach one billion user downloads in the coming years.