In-App Flipacam “Ephemeral” Camera Launches

In-App Flipacam “Ephemeral” Camera Launches

Flipacam Shoots Photos and Videos Directly in Flipagram App without Cluttering a Camera Roll


Los Angeles, CA—Flipagram, a video story network, launched Flipacam. The specialized in-app camera is optimized for the easy creation of Flipagram video stories, known as Flips.

Flipagram’s mission is to give everyone the power to create and share immersive video stories with music that can “inspire, entertain and inform.”

Flipagrams (Flips) are designed to be easy to create and fun to consume. The goal is to allow photos, videos and music to tell the story.

Flips made with Flipacam can be previewed before sharing.

With Flipacam, users can now shoot and temporarily capture an ephemeral sequence of photos and videos. They can then choose only the ones they want to combine with their favorite music and effects to create a Flipagram story. The extra photos and videos are automatically deleted.

“Rather than sharing a single highlight photo or short video clip, people increasingly want to tell a whole story with many photo and video moments,” said Farhad Mohit, cofounder and CEO of Flipagram. “Our new Flipacam makes it incredibly easy to capture such moments as they’re happening. And then quickly turn them into Flips without having individual photos and videos taking up unnecessary space on people’s devices.”

Flipacam’s functionality includes: tap for photo and hold for video functions to allow rapid sequential capturing of moments; on-the-fly curation of desired photos and video so only the best moments are included; zero footprint creation, with the automatic deletion of extra photos and videos after the session; and a timer to allow for hands-free capture.

Users can also mix existing photos and videos from all sources with those shot in a session. Free music is provided via integrated access to Flipagram’s catalog of millions of popular music clips.

“By enabling effortless photo and video capture in a single camera mode and allowing for real-time combining of existing media and free popular music clips, Flipacam opens new possibilities for amazing creative visual storytelling that was never before possible,” added Mohit.

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Users can temporarily capture a sequence of photos and videos. They can choose only the ones they want to combine with music and effects to create a Flipagram story.

Flipacam is the latest transformative feature added to differentiate the Flipagram video story network. Earlier this year, Flipagram launched direct messaging, full-screen Flips and 60-second free popular music clips. The goal is to turn Flipagram into the first video story network operating at scale. Its mission is to help tens of millions of people each month share immersive video stories.

Since the launch of its free app in 2013, nearly 200 million users, mostly teens, have created hundreds of millions of Flips. The Flips comprise many billions of photo and video moments that have been shared on social media sites. At the end of 2015, a little over two years later, the company estimated there were about 1.5 billion daily views of photo and video moments in Flips across the social web, with an increasing percentage of views occurring on Flipagram’s own network.

“Moments pass, but stories last,” said Mohit, “and Flipagram is increasingly the way people are choosing to turn ephemeral photo and video moments into life’s wonderful stories—immersive, personal, mini movies set to your favorite music—that can be relived time and again with friends and followers.”