Black Eye Pro Kit G4 for Pro-Level Mobile Photography & Filmmaking

Black Eye Pro Kit G4 for Pro-Level Mobile Photography & Filmmaking


Helsinki, Finland—The Black Eye Pro Kit G4 is a one-kit solution to enable pro-level mobile photography and filmmaking. Photographers, videographers, adventurers and storytellers can capture unique angles to expand their visual stories via this lightweight smartphone lens kit.

Black Eye was started by professional snowboarder Eero Ettala, an X Games Gold medalist, and pro photographer Arto Ekman. They wanted to enhance their mobile content to the level of what professional photographers and filmmakers achieve with DSLR cameras. Today, Black Eye provides accessories for creative mobile photography. Black-Eye-Logo

Black Eye’s pocket-size lenses provide an option whenever it’s restrictive to carry heavier DSLR camera gear.

The Pro Kit G4 comprises three Black Eye Pro lenses: the Pro Portrait Tele G4; Pro Fisheye G4; and Pro Cinema Wide G4. The compact lenses clip onto most smartphones. Moreover, the kit includes a compact travel case.

Black Eye Pro Kit G4 Lenses

The Pro Cinema Wide G4 lens offers “straight leading lines and life-like distortion-free images,” the company announced. It also provides a 120º angle of view. This lens, designed to immerse the viewer into the pictures, is suitable for capturing travel highlights, selfies, landscapes and urban cityscapes.

Black Eye Pro Cinema Wide G4

The Pro Portrait Tele G4 lens enables users to take portraits 2.5x optically closer to subjects when it’s not physically possible; for example, from the top of a cliff or across the street, via the lens’s 40º angle of view. The lens also provides a shallow depth of field to make subjects pop from the background.

Black Eye Pro Portrait Tele G4

The Pro Fisheye G4 is a 175º fisheye lens for shooting action sports, architecture, road trips or anytime photographers need to fit more in the picture. It is an option for close-up action sports and POV photos and video. Users can also cover landscapes without panorama apps and stitching. In addition, they can get a wider view to selfies by clipping the lens over the front camera.

Black Eye Pro Fisheye G4

Moreover, Black Eye’s universal clipper attachment system is compatible with most mobile devices. The Black Eye Pro Kit G4 retails for $249.90.