Canon Adds Filters to PERSTEXT App for Photos with Text

Canon Adds Filters to PERSTEXT App for Photos with Text


Melville, NY—Canon Marketing Japan Inc. (CMJ) recently released 12 free filters within the PERSTEXT iOS app that inserts dynamic text into photos. It also announced new editing functions for the app that include copying and resizing text.

CMJ is offering PERSTEXT as a free photo-editing app for iPhone/iPad on the App Store. The app allows users to insert dynamic text into photos to convey a message and a greater design sense. This allows users to enjoy a new form of expression and communication.

PERSTEXT 12 Free Filters

Now the app includes 12 free filters to make it possible to express changes in color tone, as well as special effects and the addition of copying and resizing text-editing functions. In addition to filters that adjust the color tone, new filters to express special effects such as diorama, vignette and zoom have been added. By changing the filter, it is possible to enjoy a variety of different impressions with the same image. And, by using the text copy function, photographers can insert their signature into images when uploading to SNS.

The new version is available for download at