DxO One 2.0 iOS App Update

DxO One 2.0 iOS App Update

New features are added to extend the DxO One camera’s creative possibilities.

The DxO One 2.0 app adds Wi-Fi remote control.

San Francisco, CA—Camera manufacturer DxO released the 2.0 update of its DxO One iOS app for DxO One camera users. The company also introduced an accessories ecosystem for the miniaturized One connected camera. They will start shipping the week of September 19, 2016.

The 2.0 iOS software update adds Wi-Fi remote control, mobile smart lighting, auto white balance for underwater photos, and better battery management. The update is available to all existing users free of charge via the iTunes App Store.

In addition, the new camera accessories include a waterproof outdoor shell, ultracompact stand, snap-on optical adapter and protective quick-draw zipped pouch. They are designed to extend the One’s creative possibilities and its fields of use.

The One’s outer shell accessory comes in a color assortment.

To ensure compatibility of the One camera with iOS 10, the company notes that users must update their DxO One iOS app to version 2.0. As a result of changes made by Apple to app management in the background of iOS 10, using an earlier version may cause the iPhone to freeze and sometimes even require a hard reboot.

The DxO One

DxO One

The One camera incorporates a Lightning connector for attaching it to an iOS device. And a dedicated app provides intuitive camera control, image playback and live-view shooting. The One features a large 20.2MP, 1-inch BSI CMOS sensor to allow shooting in a variety of lighting conditions. It also enables the SuperRAW capture mode to produce reduced noise in extreme low-light capture.

Other camera features include: Full HD 1080p/30 video recording; shutter speeds up to 1/20,000 sec; and sensitivities to ISO 51,200. Its wide-angle 32mm f/1.8 equivalent lens complements working in difficult lighting, as well as enables greater control over depth of field.

The DxO One has a suggested retail price of $559.99. Genuine accessories have the following SRPs: the stand, $27.99; the optical adapter, $27.99; and the zipped pouch, $22.50. In addition, the outdoor shell retails for $59.99 and comes in an assortment of colors. The accessories are available for order now on dxo.com and Amazon, as well as at select stores. dxo.com