Kodak Moments App: Create & Share Life’s Stories with Photos

Kodak Moments App: Create & Share Life’s Stories with Photos

New Visual Storytelling Capabilities Help Elevate Photos to “Memorable Moments”


Austin, TX—Kodak Alaris introduced the new Kodak Moments visual storytelling app to help consumers transform important photos into rich stories worth sharing. The app provides narrative tools to enhance photos with designed text, block quotes and layouts.

Users are prompted to craft stories to elevate their photos into meaningful “Moments” and awaken their storytelling capabilities. The Moments can be printed or shared from within the app and more widely shared on any social network.Kodak-Alaris-Logo“The Kodak Moments app is for people who want to tell their stories as a form of self-expression and identity. It’s for people who want their important photos to rise above the clutter and stand out by creating visual stories,” said Nicki Zongrone, president of Kodak Alaris’s Imaging Consumer Division. “With the multidimensional storytelling capabilities of the Kodak Moments app, we bring the idea of Kodak Moments into the digital age, bridging the physical and digital ways that people share their memories.”

Kodak Moments App Key Features

Key features of the Kodak Moments app include:

  • Captions: Users can tell thoughtful stories about important Moments with professionally designed text, layouts as well as dramatic block quotes.
  • Pictures: They can turn images into Moments with easy-to-use photo-editing tools.
  • Sharing: The Moments can be safely shared via the app and also as printed products. Stories can also be shared on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Inspiration: Users can follow like-minded people to see how they tell their stories and share their Moments. Users get notifications whenever friends start to follow their Kodak Moments or have liked one of them.
  • Storage: The Moments are stored with original image quality, including high resolution.
  • Ad Free: The experience is completely ad free.

The app also offers a simple way for users to wirelessly transfer images to a Kodak Picture Kiosk to create prints, greeting cards, collages, photo books and other photo products.

The app is available for download in the Apple App Store for iOS devices. In addition, existing Kodak Moments app users can download the latest updates to enjoy new features. An Android version of the app also will be available in spring 2016. kodakmoments.com