lightbeam Cross-Platform Social Screen-Sharing App  

lightbeam Cross-Platform Social Screen-Sharing App  


San Francisco, CA—lightbeam, a mobile collaboration platform, launched its cross-platform social screen-sharing app. Available on both iOS and Android, lightbeam lets users share their screens and collaborate with friends in real time over group video chat.

“As consumers have shifted their online behavior from big screens and desktop computers to mobile devices, digital isolation has proliferated. lightbeam aims to close the current communication gap and make mobile interactions more social by enabling seamless shared experiences,” the company announced.

With the tap of a button, users can invite friends into a group video chat. They can also share their screen and audio with 17 concurrent users. They also can collaborate on activities in real time, and hang out together—anytime, anywhere. Moreover, during a lightbeam session, participants experience exactly what the caster sees and hears; chat with each other via voice, video and in-app messaging; and make annotations on the screen. Lightbeam-Camera-RollCofounders Carter Williams, Kevin Gondo, Bill Murdza, and Paul Steenkiste conceived the idea for lightbeam while booking their itineraries for a trip last year. After hours of back-and-forth exchanges and screenshots via messaging apps, calls and also e-mails, they decided there needed to be a better, more efficient way to collaborate on mobile.

As a result, the app’s interface enables users to coordinate tasks like travel planning from their mobile devices. In addition, lightbeam transforms everyday mobile activities like listening to music, watching videos, gaming and shopping online into social interactions. Lightbeam-Social-Medialightbeam

“Despite all our advances in mobile connectivity, interacting on our smartphones is still largely an isolating experience,” said Carter Williams, CEO of lightbeam. “Human interaction has evolved around mobile content; sending links, screenshots and memes are as common as sending a text these days. However, the asynchronous nature of sharing this content leaves a lot to be desired. With lightbeam, we’re reimagining the way people interact on mobile. And giving those interactions more depth with a new layer of social engagement designed to drive collaboration.”

The company’s mission is to make the entire mobile ecosystem collaborative and end digital isolation through its screen-sharing focused messenger. “We believe our technology will fundamentally improve the way people connect; both in-person and online,” added Williams. lightbeam is available for download on iOS and Android.