Luxi iPhone Light Meter Attachment

Luxi iPhone Light Meter Attachment


Palo Alto, CA—A light meter attachment for iPhones, Luxi is a versatile accessory for phoneographers. The pocket-size plastic clip attaches to iPhones and iPads. The handy device works with a free app to display light readings as well as f-stop recommendations.

As an alternative to stand-alone light meters that often are more expensive, the attachable light meter retails for just less than $20. “It’s convenient size and powerful capabilities mean that it will be used throughout the year,” the manufacturer announced.

Luxi iPhone Sales Benefit Nonprofits

The device is also positioned as an ideal gift that keeps on giving. That’s because all profits from the sale of the Luxi light meter attachment are donated to nonprofits.

“People love the Luxi,” explained Joe Cain, president of Makers4Good. “It is the simplest way to convert your iPhone to a light meter. We’ve sold thousands of Luxis throughout the world, and the app is always in use by somebody.” Luxi-w-DSLR

Furthermore, the Luxi app is available on the Apple App Store. Cain says it has been a top download since it first appeared in 2014. In addition to the app, the Luxi For All device works with other popular light or color reading applications. The Luxi iPhone/iPad light meter attachment has a suggested retail price of $19.99.


Makers4Good’s overriding goal is to make a difference, to give back and to help those in need. Every product they design is fulfills a need as well as creates social good. Every product sold delivers all of its profits to charity.

In addition, gives to many organizations in all parts of the world; with a focus on access to energy for safety, light, education and health.