Picsart AI Image Generator Surpasses 1M Images Created Per Day

Picsart AI Image Generator Surpasses 1M Images Created Per Day


Miami, FL—Picsart, a digital creation platform, announced the Picsart AI Image Generator is creating more than one million images per day on iOS. In addition, it will now roll out to Android users.

After launching on iOS and the web earlier this month, Picsart’s AI Image Generator has provided users with a free creative experience. It offers the ability to make brand-new images in seconds from simple text prompts. Moreover, users can continue editing their AI creations with thousands of stickers, tools, filters and fonts. They can do so all within the Picsart app or web experience.

Picsart AI Image Generator

“We’re thrilled at the great response this new feature has received in such a short time,” said Mikayel Vardanyan, Picsart’s chief product officer. “It really shows how far Picsart has come, and how engaged our community is. They’re really into the idea of using generative AI for their creativity.”

Picsart AI Image Generator

Since its launch, the generator has created more than 10 million images. Many of them were added to Picsart’s free-to-edit library for the entire community to utilize.

The company also recently integrated the ability to auto select a prompt for the AI Image Generator. The goal is to provide inspiration and education to users on how best to build text prompts that yield strong results.

“This tool has completely changed the way I view my creative process,” said Picsart user Sarah & Rufus. “I typically tend to create the same style of art. Now that I utilize Picsart’s AI Image Generator, I’ve learned and expanded my vocabulary in the art world. Before using this feature, I had never envisioned myself creating steampunk, cyberpunk or dark fantasy digital artwork.” Picsart AI Image Generator-Picsart_Logo_Purple_2022

Earlier this month, Picsart made its debut in the generative AI space with the launch of its AI Image Generator and its AI Writer tool. The former offers small businesses and marketers a quick and easy way to create ad copy for free.

The AI Image Generator will begin rolling out on Android over the next few weeks. It is now available on iOS and


Picsart is also a top 20 most downloaded app. Every month, the Picsart community creates, remixes and shares billions of visual stories using the company’s editing and generative AI tools.

Picsart has amassed a large open-source content collection. It includes free-to-edit photos, stickers, backgrounds, templates and more. What’s more, the app is available in 30 languages for free. It is also offered as a subscription on iOS, Android and Windows devices and on the web.