Sony Creators’ Cloud App Brings the Power of Camera to Cloud

Sony Creators’ Cloud App Brings the Power of Camera to Cloud


San Diego, CA—Sony Electronics released the next generation of the Sony Creators’ Cloud platform. It opens a host of new cloud-based applications as well as features for individual content creators and small content teams.

The expansion comes after the initial introduction of the Creators’ Cloud in September 2022. However, that platform was intended for professional and enterprise users. 

“With Creators’ Cloud, we are building a unique space where content creators can blur the lines between hardware and software, online and offline,” said Yang Cheng, vice president, Imaging Solutions, Sony Electronics Inc. Sony-Creators-Cloud-functions

“We know that content creators are looking for a one-stop shop. A place that integrates their content and creative tools, allows them to share and learn from other professionals and offers business opportunities. The expansion of Creators’ Cloud is the first step in Sony’s answer to this.”

Moreover, Sony will roll out the Creators’ app, Cloud Storage, Master Cut (Beta), Ci Media Cloud and Discover progressively in the U.S. and worldwide. Thus, the availability of services will vary by region and country

Sony Creators’ Cloud

The Creators’ Cloud platform includes cloud storage; Ci Media Cloud for collaborative media workflows; as well as Discover, a platform to connect with peers. Furthermore, the Creators’ Cloud for independent professionals will now include the Creators’ app. The content transfer application from camera to cloud will launch on Google Play and the App Store.

The platform will enable content creators to transfer images as well as videos from select Sony cameras to the cloud for immediate viewing and sharing. In addition, Sony offers 5GB of free storage for Creators’ Cloud account users and 25GB for owners of select Sony cameras. 

Further, the Creators’ App is the successor to Imaging Edge Mobile Plus. As such, it will act as an extension of a camera to upload, view and manage photo/video content shot on select Sony cameras and stored in the cloud. With the launch of the Creators’ app in spring 2023, users can do the following:

  • Transfer content from select Sony cameras to a smartphone
  • Upload content from a smartphone to Creators’ Cloud
  • View content on the smartphone and in the cloud using the Creators’ app viewer
  • Connect to and control select Sony cameras remotely using the app
  • Update the camera and settings using the Creators’ app.

Additionally, content creators can use cloud storage with or without the Creators’ app. All users can also upload content to the cloud via the Creators’ Cloud website. Sony-Creators-Cloud-app

However, camera control and file transfer to the Creators’ app is possible only to limited compatible models at the time of release, the Alpha 7 IV and ZV-1F. But all users can upload via the Creators’ app. Sony will make other compatibility options available in spring 2023. Sony will also make direct upload from select cameras to cloud available at a future date.

Creative Collaboration

What’s more, with the launch of the Creators’ app for individuals, Sony will rename the C3Portal app—a cloud gateway application currently provided for enterprises—the Creators’ app for enterprise.

Additionally, Ci Media Cloud, Sony’s established online creative collaboration and media management service, supports more than 150,000 professionals worldwide. Ci opened its tools with new pricing and subscription plans built for how individual creators work and create.

With Ci Media Cloud, creators and creative teams can simplify collaboration on media files from anywhere on any device, with an intuitive user interface. From an Adobe Premiere Pro panel integration to mobile applications and an Apple TV app now available, Ci continues to develop integrations for creative professionals.

Discover: Building Community

In addition, Discover is a Sony portfolio for global networking and collaboration opportunities. It is another feature of the Creators’ Cloud that’s available now. In Discover, images and videos include detailed information regarding the camera operator’s location, the camera and lens models, settings as well as genre.