Storyo Cinematic Photo App Finalist at SXSW

Storyo Cinematic Photo App Finalist at SXSW

Photo Storytelling App Picked for Finals of 2017 SXSW Release It


Austin, TX—Creators of story-driven, collaborative photo memory apps, Storyo is among 10 participants in South by Southwest’s (SXSW) Release It competition. Release It is one of the key events held on the opening day of SXSW conference. The prestigious competition pits 10 finalist companies from around the world in front of a panel of industry leaders. The goal is to select the best new products to market.

Storyo was chosen as a one of only 10 finalists. It presented the Storyo 2.0 app, a storytelling app that automatically curates and creates “Instant Lifestories.”

The short photo video memories incorporate images, media, weather and people into short narratives. The narratives are designed to help users share life events with context. Combining the best images in users’ photo galleries with professional footage from Shutterstock and details drawn from Facebook and other web sources, Storyo 2.0 presents Lifestories in detail.

Storyo 2.0 automatically curates and creates “Instant Lifestories.”

“We are very excited to be presenting the Storyo 2.0 app to the judges and audience at SXSW,” said Filipe Vasconcellos, CEO of Storyo. “Storyo 2.0 takes the photos that fill our phones and creates cinematic video clips using our proprietary algorithm. Users can share and collaborate with their friends. They can spread more than just moment, video memories that capture the full breadth of their lives.”

SXSW is the largest festival of its kind. It presents a conglomerate of film, interactive media and music festivals with more than 72,000 registrants in attendance. Attendees included established artist, tech and media industry leaders, and audiences from across the globe.

SXSW Release It provides a unique pitch platform for companies to launch innovative products and services during the SXSW conference. A panel of handpicked judges select the product or service most likely to succeed in the marketplace. The panel is comprised of technology industry experts, venture capitalists and also high-profile media.


Storyo-3Storyo is a story-driven photo curation app that enables users to create video memories that capture the stories in their lives. Combining a unique sorting algorithm with professional footage and details drawn from social media, weather and location details, the Storyo 2.0 app is a novel way to create as well as share a memory. Users can also invite friends to add their photos and then watch Storyo 2.0 gather the best photos from everyone who shared, unlock details and pull related Facebook posts and facts to create a compelling group video memory for sharing.

Furthermore, Storyo users can add a professional touch to their stories with videos from a specially curated collection by Shutterstock. The app also automatically suggests video clips that seem best suited to the story, and users can pick the one they’d like as part of their videos.