Independent Photo Imagers’ “Photo Retail Model of the Future” Unveiled at IPIC...

Independent Photo Imagers’ “Photo Retail Model of the Future” Unveiled at IPIC 2015


Henderson, NV—The 33rd International Print & Imaging Conference, IPIC 2015, brought together more than 400 attendees for four days of cutting-edge education as well as networking and innovation, including the forward-thinking business strategy, the Vision Project.

The Vision Project program provides current and future IPI (Independent Photo Imagers) members with a complete licensed business model designed to embrace mobile imaging opportunities in an experiential and modern retail setting. The project is a comprehensive business solution that embraces both commercial and consumer categories. Key components include community-building classes and events, local and national websites, packaging solutions, global branding and emotional marketing, store design and merchandising plan-o-grams, and operations training.

“For those members who want a formula to be successful in the photo-imaging services world or those looking to start a new business, the Vision Project is a retailer’s roadmap to a thriving business model in today’s photo industry,” said Ron Mohney, executive director of IPI.

Further, as both member engagement and customer experience were important components of this year’s IPIC, IPI launched more than 40 new products and services, educational programs and marketing systems. IPI also revealed plans for its innovation engine, which is designed to continuously develop signature products and services and the systems needed to provide them to today’s customer.

As the delivery vehicles for many of these new initiatives, the IPI Marketing Solutions Program (MSP) and Managed Marketing Services (MMS) experienced all-time-high subscription numbers for new users, including those electing to participate in all four programs: MSP; MMS E-mail; MMS Social Media; MMS Digital Signage.

IPIC 2015 continued its tradition of education through 45 “University” sessions, as well as focused buying opportunities with Supplying Partner Madness and a trade show. Structured networking events ran throughout the conference, including Instawalk, which is soon to be an event tool kit for members and their customers. There was also the annual 100-Day Challenge, a tactic to help members stay committed to executing the four days of learning and prepare early for the holiday season. Members will showcase their results at the end of October, as part of the IPI Member Network Global Open House event.

Additionally, IPI launched a video and live streaming studio system, as it began year-round live broadcasting of educational events. Larry Steiner, IPI’s vice chairman, added, “With the hundreds of members around the globe that viewed IPIC programming live, and those continuing to view the recorded content, IPI demonstrated its long-standing culture of member engagement through education and the vast knowledge base of our member forum.”