1990’s Barbie Polaroid Camera Reissued by Retrospekt

1990’s Barbie Polaroid Camera Reissued by Retrospekt


Milwaukee, WI—To celebrate Barbie’s birthday on March 9, Retrospekt marked the occasion by reissuing the iconic 1990’s Barbie Polaroid camera as a limited time release. Retrospekt manufactures the reimagined camera that is officially licensed by Polaroid as well as Mattel. Moreover, the collaboration pairs a classic Polaroid analog instant camera with a bold Barbie theme.

1990’s Barbie Polaroid Camera

Two decades after the original Barbie Polaroid analog instant film camera was first released in 1999, Retrospekt is bringing the two iconic brands back together again. With this new partnership, Retrospekt pairs a classic Polaroid 600 instant analog camera with a Barbie-themed exterior. The design is based on the graphics and colors of the original Barbie Polaroid.

Retrospekt Barbie Polaroid

In addition, Retrospekt manufactured the Polaroid and Mattel officially licensed camera with refurbished parts from vintage Polaroid 600 instant cameras made in the 1980s and ’90s. Moreover, they are restored to work just like new. What’s more, the original parts are integrated into freshly molded plastic housings sporting the classic Barbie logo and colors. The restored internals as well as redesigned exterior provide the quintessential instant photography experience wrapped in a classic Barbie package. In addition, the cameras are fit for instant film novices and seasoned pros alike.

The new Barbie camera shoots Polaroid Originals 600 color and B&W film. In addition, the each film pack has built-in batteries.

The camera was available for the first time via Retrospekt (retrospekt.com/barbie) on March 8, 2020. Consumers can also buy the analog film camera on future stops of the Barbie Truck Totally Throwback Tour. The traveling pop-up merch truck is celebrating Barbie’s 60-year iconic heritage and the fans who love her.

Retrospekt Barbie Polaroid, back

Polaroid is one of the world’s most recognizable brands, with a rich 80-year history built primarily on Polaroid instant cameras and film. The company’s complete range of products delivered the fun, instant gratification and creative freedom for which the brand stood.

Moreover, today the Polaroid classic border logo is the mark of genuine Polaroid branded products.


Retrospekt refurbishes instant film cameras. As a result, the company offers restored vintage models. In addition, it releases new custom collaborations with both national and international brands—all as official Polaroid products.