Kodak Printomatic Instant Print Camera

Kodak Printomatic Instant Print Camera

New Camera Brings Kodak Style to Instant Print Camera Category

Kodak Printomatic

Rochester, NY—Eastman Kodak Company and its licensee C+A Global debuted the Kodak Printomatic, a brand-new instant print camera. The point-and-shoot camera instantly prints high-resolution, full-color photos with its built-in printer.

Kodak Printomatic

Touted as the perfect accessory for event planners, scrapbookers, vacationers as well as partygoers, the Printomatic is designed to be an all-in-one instant photography solution. Photos print immediately with adhesive backing ready to be added to a scrapbook page or wedding album.

“The Kodak Printomatic is a contemporary camera with a wonderful balance of digital and analog technology,” said Steven Overman, president of Kodak’s Consumer and Film Division and Kodak’s chief marketing officer. “It’s an accessible device for anybody who wants to create a lasting memory in a tangible, colorful way.”

Kodak Printomatic, back

“We feel honored to partner with Kodak, a company that has established itself as a leader and storied brand in color technology used the world over,” added Chaim Pikarski, CEO of C+A Global, a Kodak licensee. “This release is another step for Kodak entering into the growing instant digital camera market. The Kodak Printomatic camera is the first of the full product lineup to be launched in 2017 and continue into 2018. The Kodak Printomatic camera brings back the nostalgia of capturing and sharing Kodak Moments, putting the print in the palm of your hand, the moment it happens.”

With a maximum resolution of 10 megapixels and no computer connection or Wi-Fi needed, the camera produces 2×3-inch photo prints without ink cartridges, toner or film. Photo prints are said to be water- and tear-resistant as well as smudgeproof.

Kodak Printomatic Features

In addition, the instant print camera features a built-in flash and built-in lithium ion battery. It also provides two picture modes: vibrant color and black & white. Additional features include: a low battery indicator;  printer status indicator; a microSD card indicator as well as a microSD card slot.

Kodak Printomatic

The Kodak Printomatic instant print camera will be available in late September for a suggested retail price of $69.99. It will come in both gray and yellow models. Included with the camera is a neck strap, 10-pack of Kodak ZINK photo paper and also a memory card. Kodak ZINK photo paper, in 20 and 50 packs, is also sold separately. kodak.com