Kodak Smile Classic Instant Print Digicam with Augmented Reality Ships

Kodak Smile Classic Instant Print Digicam with Augmented Reality Ships


Edison, NJ—C+A Global, an authorized brand licensee of Eastman Kodak Company, is now shipping the Kodak Smile Classic instant print digital camera. The latest device from the Smile instant print product line, the camera produces the largest instant prints from Kodak’s new instant print lineup.

Kodak Smile Classic Features

Moreover, the Kodak camera incorporates the contemporary technology of instant printing into a retro camera body for a nostalgic look and feel. In addition, the camera has a pop-up viewfinder; an automatic single strobe flash; a microSD card slot; and a 10-second timer. It also features augmented reality (AR) capabilities.

Kodak Smile Classic Line

Furthermore, 3.51×4.25-inch Kodak Zink sticky-backed photo paper prints instantly from the camera after a picture is taken. Users can also print pictures from a smartphone by connecting it to the camera via Bluetooth and the Kodak Instant Print app.

Kodak Smile Classic

Before printing, users can edit and enhance their images in the free app. Most noteworthy, users can embed a 30-second video using the camera’s AR feature for added fun. Users can view the video via the app.

Kodak Smile App

The Kodak Smile app’s augmented reality capabilities enable users to bring their photos to life by attaching any video from their media library, including sound, up to 30 seconds. Moreover, once the photo is printed using a Smile instant digital printer, anyone with the app can view the video by holding the smartphone over the picture.

Kodak Smile Classic

With this feature, users can create video albums and share memories that go beyond a still image. In addition, they can embed videos with love notes, secret messages, funny stories and more via the app. The app is downloadable from the App Store or Google Play Store.

The instant digital camera is now available for $149.99.