Polaroid Originals Unveils OneStep 2 Stranger Things Edition Camera & Film

Polaroid Originals Unveils OneStep 2 Stranger Things Edition Camera & Film


New York, NY—This summer, the widely anticipated third season of the Stranger Things sci-fi TV series lands on Netflix. To mark the occasion, Polaroid Originals joined forces with the master series to create an analog instant camera and special edition film that will turn the world “upside down.”

Beginning May 6, 2019, fans can brave the Stranger Things alternative dimension. Transformed into the TV show’s red and blue colors, the special edition instant film camera flips the classic Polaroid design upside down. Moreover, the company is inviting consumers to experiment with supernatural perspectives in instant film.

Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 Stranger Things Edition

In addition, a collectable special edition film joins the Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 Stranger Things edition. As a further ode to the Stranger Things universe, each film pack of eight includes a selection of 16 graphic design prints. The designs will transport instant film photographers back to the summer of 1985 in Hawkins.

They can discover Scoops Ahoy at the town’s Starcourt Mall; and they can go back to the flashing lights of Joyce Byer’s living room. Stranger Things reimagines the early 1980s. Moreover, it is infused with popular culture from the period, from walkie-talkies and Fabergé Organic big hair to Dungeons and Dragons.

Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 Stranger Things Film

Furthermore, retro Polaroid cameras pop up throughout the series; they capture moments from Hawkins middle school’s Snow Ball to the gang’s iconic Ghostbuster Halloween costumes.

OneStep 2 Stranger Things Specs
Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 Stranger Things Film

The new OneStep 2 instant film camera is optimized for today. It has a fixed-focus lens, a built-in flash, easy USB charging and also a self-timer.

The high-quality lens creates a sharp image from as close as two feet to infinity. In addition, the battery lasts up to 60 days. The camera works with a new generation of Polaroid Originals i-Type as well as 600 instant films.

Furthermore, with only a few buttons and an intuitive design, the camera is easy enough for all ages to use.

The Stranger Things Polaroid OneStep 2 analog instant camera and special edition Stranger Things film retail for $109.99 and $17.99, respectively.

Polaroid and Polaroid Originals

The Polaroid company, founded by Edwin Land in 1937, is an icon of innovation and engineering. Its cameras inspired artists Andy Warhol, Helmut Newton, Robert Mapplethorpe, Maripol, Keith Haring and Guy Bourdin.

Moreover, it created instant photography as we know it today with the launch of the breakthrough Polaroid SX-70 camera in 1972. Landmark innovations followed, including the original OneStep, color instant film and the Polaroid 600 and Spectra cameras and film formats.

Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 Stranger Things Edition

In the 1990s and 2000s, digital technology eclipsed instant photography. As a result, Polaroid announced the end of instant film production in 2008. A dedicated group of instant photography fans called The Impossible Project stepped in to buy the last remaining Polaroid factory.

Furthermore, the 2017 acquisition of the Polaroid brand by The Impossible Project’s largest shareholder created the opportunity for Polaroid to return to analog instant photography. Consequently, The Impossible Project declared mission accomplished.

Polaroid Originals is the new brand dedicated to reinventing analog instant photography for the modern era. The brand’s launch on September 13, 2017 marked the 80th anniversary of the founding of Polaroid.