Polaroid Reclaimed Blue 600 Limited Edition Film

Polaroid Reclaimed Blue 600 Limited Edition Film


New York, NY—“In the spirit of innovation,” Polaroid Reclaimed Blue 600 film was released. It is an original film chemistry discovered through accidental experimentation.

At the only Polaroid film factory in the world, a young chemist developed the new chemical process, inventing the striking blue film. Now, inspired by the challenge of using out-of-spec materials, Polaroid chemist Brian Slaghuis reclaimed those elements to create the limited-edition 600 film.

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“At the Polaroid lab, I’ve tested over 200 different chemicals as we’re constantly improving our film chemistry. After experimenting with one called TBHQ, the Reclaimed Blue film was an incredible discovery by accident,” said Brian Slaghuis, Polaroid chemist. 

Polaroid Reclaimed Blue 600 Film

The company also says Reclaimed Blue 600 film is unlike other duochrome or monochrome films that require dye to make the colors stand out. Instead, Reclaimed Blue is the result of a chemical reaction.

We’re thankful for the blues, TBHQ. But what does that mean? Well, TBHQ (Tertiary Butylhydroquinone) is the magician added to an otherwise normal film paste. Normally used in black-and-white film, the theory is TBHQ gives direction to the other 12 chemicals in classic Polaroid color film to make the existing cyan color strong enough to take over the other colors. Polaroid-Reclaimed-600-Blue-pix-w-box

“Polaroid’s DNA is rooted in experimentation and unlocking the unexpected. Reclaimed Blue captures that essence. It’s science mixed with human perseverance and remarkable accidents,” commented Oskar Smolokowski, Polaroid’s chairman. 

In addition, Smolokowski added the experiment isn’t over. As Polaroid Reclaimed Blue film emerged from trial and error, Polaroid encourages photographers and creators to experiment with this blue chemistry. The company is asking analog photographers to embrace its accidental quality and see what unique images they can capture.

In the iconic Polaroid 600 film format, Reclaimed Blue instant film features a white frame. Moreover, it has an image area of 3.1×3.1 inches. What’s more, with ASA 640, it has a development time of 15–20 minutes. The film also contains a battery to power the camera and flash.

Polaroid Reclaimed Blue 600 film is available for purchase for a limited time. Furthermore, each pack contains eight photos and has a suggested retail price of $16.99.