JVC Americas Corp. Merges with Kenwood USA Corp. to Form JVCKenwood USA

JVC Americas Corp. Merges with Kenwood USA Corp. to Form JVCKenwood USA


Long Beach, CA—JVC Americas Corp. and Kenwood USA Corporation, subsidiaries of Japan-based JVCKenwood Corporation, merged to form a single subsidiary—JVCKenwood USA Corporation. The move is part of a global integration strategy initiated in 2012.

The merger completes a process that was first announced in April and is designed to enhance operating efficiencies and spur innovation throughout the company. The two entities will consolidate their business and financial resources under the new company.

“The merger of our two companies will accelerate innovation across all divisions by the sharing of technologies and expertise, and will provide efficiencies in logistics and back-office operations,” said Kazuhiro Aigami, president of JVCKenwood USA Corporation. “This has been carefully planned and executed to drive innovation and growth within the Kenwood and JVC brands and their respective product divisions.”

JVC and Kenwood will remain as two distinct brands in their respective user markets and sales channels for each brand. JVC and Kenwood sales and marketing of Car Electronics are already located in Long Beach, California. Sales and marketing of Communications and Security will be located in Suwanee, Georgia. Sales and marketing of Audio and Video products and Professional cameras will remain in Wayne, New Jersey. JVCKenwood USA headquarters will be located in Long Beach, California. us.jvckenwood.com