HiTi Features Wireless Event Printing

HiTi Features Wireless Event Printing


HiTi Digital (Booth #3169) The entire event photography category has undergone somewhat of an evolution in recent years as more and more amateur photographers and even a few imaging retailers, have taken to the streets with some of the newer equipment to grab a piece of this burgeoning market.

Whereas the event photographer in the film era was predominantly male and quite involved in the technology—hence the oft-used nickname Weekend Warrior—this new breed is primarily female and more interested in the emotional connection to the subjects and her sense of creative expression than in the technical details of the camera. Estimates of the number of these event shooters is now solidly up over 100,000 and growing. Some in the industry are claiming the number has hit the 200,000 mark.

There’s a relatively new entry into the category as HiTi Digital, out of Walnut, Calif., has been quietly coming to market with product for several years now and two of their most recent entries are making a serious play for share.

Designed as easily movable, standalone roll-type printers and weighing less than 20 lbs, the P510S and P510Si (wireless capability) bring the flexibility and quality needed to do on-site photo finishing at a low cost.

Print media is available in three sizes, allowing a total of four different print sizes to be printed 4×6, 5×7, 6×8, 6×9. The front-loading design of the HiTi P510S printer allows for easy access to the ribbon and paper roll, resulting in fairly easy and efficient maintenance procedures—a big key when considering the mobility that so many event shooters desire. 

At their booth HiTi Digital is also showcasing the freedom of printing mobility and how that can be obtained simply by powering up the HiTi P110S mobile photo printer with the fully charged battery pack PB-110. The unit also comes with an optional carrying bag. New and improved versions of their HiTi P510K All-in-One Mini Photo Kiosk are also on display.

The company has also announced additional functions for HiTi P510K All-in-One Mini Photo Kiosk, including new flexible external devices and a completely new management system. The new HiTi P510K Mini Photo Kiosk includes an external DVD player, instant mode (a feature that allows users to skip some steps and print photos quickly), template import and more payment solutions, containing the printing job management from the back-end (PC-end) by the PC using a new software “Job Dispatcher” and the receipt printer.

Also users now can connect the P510K to the HiTi P510S and run the two machines simultaneously as each offer different sizes of consumables. This way, requests made under P510K kiosk can also be printed through its slave machine, HiTi P510S.
This also gives the retailer the chance to experience HiTi wireless photo printing
By adding the WFT510 wireless photo transmitter to the mix. The user can send photos wirelessly to HiTi P510Si photo printer for instant printing.

The P510S also allows the photographer to do some simple image edits using the bright 3.6-inch LCD, bypassing the computer. The image edit options are basic but each one addresses an important need and functions more than adequately.

With regard to the P510Si, this unit brings the aforementioned WiFi option into the mix as they’ve included the option of a portable Wireless Foto Transmitter (WFT 510) that works with this unit. This wireless device, that ships with a small carrying case, allows the user to wirelessly send images from any PictBridge compatible digital camera to the P510Si photo printer for instant printing without removing the memory card.