First Polaroid Fotobar Opens at Delray Marketplace, Turning Images into Art

First Polaroid Fotobar Opens at Delray Marketplace, Turning Images into Art


Delray Beach, FL—On March 1, the first Polaroid Fotobar opened at Delray Marketplace in Delray Beach, Florida. Designed to reintroduce the tangible photograph, the new retail concept invites consumers to “liberate” their photos from smartphones, cameras, social platforms and shoeboxes to create permanent art using various materials, including canvas, metal and bamboo.

“When I ask people to show me their favorite picture, they take out their phone. My next question is, does that image live outside your phone, exquisitely framed on a wall, desk or shelf?” said Warren Struhl, CEO and founder of Polaroid Fotobar. “Nine times out of ten they say, ‘No,’ with strong emotion.” Struhl believes the solution lies in making the creation experience pleasant and educational.

Polaroid Fotobar will provide a place for photography aficionados and amateurs of all ages to nurture their interest in photography, photo sharing and art. The 2,000-square-foot store is equipped with The Studio—a multipurpose room that hosts free classes, private parties, portrait sessions and other events.

“Polaroid is known as the brand that revolutionized photography 60 years ago with the instant picture,” said Scott W. Hardy, Polaroid’s president and CEO. “We are doing it again with these innovative, new retail stores. . . . . We continue to be about self expression, creativity and fun, and Polaroid Fotobar represents a perfect modern expression of those values.”

Polaroid Fotobar also has initiatives planned to involve the local photography and art community. The store will showcase a Community Wall with 100 photographs submitted by local, amateur enthusiasts. It will also partner with Art House of Delray, a nonprofit, with Art House of Delray receiving a percentage of the store’s grand opening proceeds. And, the Polaroid Fotobar will team with local Instagrammers to host an in-store exhibit.