Fujifilm Updates GetPix Kiosk Software & App

Fujifilm Updates GetPix Kiosk Software & App

GetPix Photo Transfer App Makes It Easier for Consumers to Order Photo Merchandise


Valhalla, NY—Fujifilm North America Corporation launched an improved GetPix kiosk software solution. The software now offers seamless wireless transfer with the Fujifilm GetPix transfer app. Also included in the solution are hundreds of updated greeting card templates with a modern style.

Fujifilm GetPix Kiosk

The new GetPix mobile app is designed to make it easy for customers to transfer photos from their smartphones to a local kiosk. At the kiosk, they can then create prints, photo books and a host of personalized photo products, including banners up to 39 inches.

Additionally, a new “shuffle print” feature was added. This feature intuitively places images within a collage, making the creation of collage prints simpler. Other features of the software include Fujifilm Image Intelligence, remote software updates and also an interactive workflow with an improved user interface.

The Fujifilm GetPix print station includes a Frontier-S DX100 printer, a VNX kiosk terminal as well as an optional spacing-saving kiosk cabinet. To view a GetPix video, click here.

Fujifilm GetPix VNX Kiosk Terminal

Fujifilm GetPix VNX Kiosk Terminal

Designed as an easy-to-use ordering platform, the 22-inch multi-touch screen is powered by GetPix 6.0 software with Image Intelligence.

It also features an interactive workflow, remote software updates and wireless image transfer.

Consumers are provided with full image-editing tools to zoom, crop and add borders as well as special effects.

Frontier-S DX100 Printer

Fujifilm Frontier-S DX100

This compact printer creates prints from 3.5 inches up to 8×39 inches. It uses a six-color Vivida #174 ink system and also offers image editing tools for zooming, cropping and adding borders and special effects.

Furthermore Fujifilm engineered the printer with an easy-to-operate interface. The DX100 can run as a stand-alone event photography printer or multiple printers can be configured in retail minilab or kiosk applications.

GetPix Kiosk Cabinet

This optional space-saving cabinet has a small footprint. It is also an upgradable solution that holds up to two DX100 printers.

Fujifilm’s GetPix kiosk software solution is available now. fujifilmusa.com