Kodak to Showcase DP2 v16 & Creations Ordering Software at Kodak Pro...

Kodak to Showcase DP2 v16 & Creations Ordering Software at Kodak Pro Lab Workshop


Rochester, NY—Kodak announced Kodak Professional Digital Print Production software (DP2) version 16, the latest installment of the company’s workflow software for professional photographic labs. DP2 v.16 was upgraded to deliver enhancements to image quality, improve productivity and expand capabilities for the creation and production of new photo print products.

Kodak also provided a sneak preview of Kodak Professional Collections and Creations software—a front-end ordering system with a simple user interface that was developed to change how labs and photographers prepare, present and produce professional content. The collections, including both soft and hard copy, follow a logical flow that allows photographers to guide clients through a storytelling process, from start to finish, and then roll into production and delivery through a pro lab.

With Kodak Professional Collections and Creations software, professional labs and photographers can show consumers what’s possible, in real time, using their professional content to deliver an experience that creates an emotional connection with consumers and their images and stories. The Collections and Creations software will be available in early 2014.

Kodak will showcase both DP2 v.16 and the new Collections and Creations software at its 2013 Kodak Pro Lab Workshop. The workshop’s business and technical educational sessions strive to better position professional labs to understand market dynamics, provide technical solutions and resources to address them, and to create individual strategies to succeed in these evolving markets.

“Our new software offerings focus on meeting the consumer demand for storytelling,” said Christopher S. Van Zandt, vice president and general manager, Paper & Output Systems, Americas Region, Kodak Personalized Imaging. “The combination of Collections and Creations software with DP2 v.16 creates a powerful solution for professional labs, not only in what they can create, but how they present their valuable content.

“The software will help labs and photographers to shift their sales process from individual products to complete storytelling solutions and packages, and in turn, create more revenue opportunities. This also continues our commitment to deliver more than just products to our valued customers; we strive to deliver solutions that reflect market opportunities and help professional labs create viable long-term strategies to grow their businesses. DP2 v.16 is the next step in that journey.”

With DP2 v.16, professional labs can expand their portfolio for professional photographers to include: quality photographic prints and albums; press products like books, calendars, cards and keepsakes; and digital offerings such as enhanced stills and video slideshows.

As part of that, DP2 v. 16 includes improved Animoto video slideshow features, which now make it possible for labs that work directly with consumers (school photography, sporting event, nurseries) to offer this visual soft-copy product. By introducing new configuration/licensing and flexible pricing, Kodak supports labs in pursuing additional business and market opportunities, added Van Zandt.

Another key upgrade to the Animoto video slideshow features is the Animoto “preview sharing” capability. This allows photographers to offer consumers a preview video (low res and for a limited time) to show consumers what’s possible and encourage greater purchase rates of printed products as well as video slideshows.

Beginning the week of June 24, the new version of DP2 will be available for download at www.kodak.com/go/dp2.

Kodak’s Personalized Imaging business consists of Retail Systems Solutions, a leader in retail photo kiosks and dry lab systems for photo service retailers; Paper & Output Systems, which provides photo specialty retailers, professional and wholesale labs, and photographers with a portfolio of traditional photographic paper and workflow solutions; Film Capture, offering consumers and professionals a range of still-camera film products; and Event Imaging Solutions, which presents theme parks and other venues a total solution in souvenir photo operations. kodak.com