LifePics Partners with Photobucket to Offer Customers More Print and Photo Products

LifePics Partners with Photobucket to Offer Customers More Print and Photo Products


Boulder, CO—LifePics entered an exclusive partnership with Photobucket to enable millions of Photobucket users to order photo products through the LifePics network, including photo prints, photo books, photo cards, canvas prints, photo calendars and other photo gifts.

Photobucket, a leading, dedicated photo- and video-sharing service, will deliver expanded print and photo products to its more than 100 million users in a simple, convenient ordering interface.

“Our audience is looking for simple and easy ways to share their life stories, and our partnership with LifePics is the perfect complement to our suite of uploading, editing and sharing tools, as Photobucket users can now easily order their favorite photos from their Photobucket accounts,” said Tom Munro, CEO at Photobucket. “Photobucket and LifePics are both in the business of helping people capture, share and preserve their favorite memories, so the partnership was a natural fit for both companies.”

The new service from LifePics significantly expands Photobucket’s previous print and photo product selection. Photobucket users can now order dozens of prints, from standard sizes to large posters, as well as a various sizes and styles of photo books, hundreds of personalized greeting cards and templates for any occasion, plus hundreds of photo gifts ranging from coffee mugs to T-shirts, mouse pads, canvas prints and photo jewelry.

”Photobucket customers will see an added benefit of having LifePics as a partner because they have more choices than before,” said Rick Patch, president and CEO at LifePics. “By partnering with Photobucket, LifePics continues to expand its scope beyond the basic online-to-retail model. Our business is helping established photo retailers and e-tailers give more choices and convenience to their customers through our photo ordering portal. This partnership with Photobucket is particularly gratifying.”

 LifePics’ mission is to turn “images into transactions by connecting billions of consumers’ digital images to more fulfillment options than any other service on the Internet.” Using LifePics’ technology, photofinishers and pro photographers can accept online photo orders from consumers, and route orders to any fulfillment lab. LifePics drives orders to retailers and photographers through partners and sources, and gives consumers an easy-to-use ordering interface.

In addition, LifePics is among the most open solutions on the web; the service integrates with almost every photo printer and photo lab, and connects to specialized wholesalers to complement in-house offerings. In 2010, LifePics launched its Open program, allowing third-party app developers and affiliate websites to link into the LifePics Retail Network, sending users, images, and orders to LifePics retailers from all over the Internet.

Consumer orders can be sent directly to LifePics retailers for one-hour service, or routed to major wholesalers, gift providers, photo book manufacturers, and an assortment of other service providers. The technology revolves around LifePics’ client-based software tool, LabCenter, which operates at retail stores and offers integration between retail online ordering sites and photofinishing labs of all sizes and quantities. LifePics also provides: live help 364 days a year; free, unlimited photo storage for consumers; custom e-mail marketing campaigns for retailers; LifeSync, a photo syncing and backup tool; and a commission-based revenue structure. and