PhotoTidings: Its 15th Year at PMA, the Photo Template Resource Looks to...

PhotoTidings: Its 15th Year at PMA, the Photo Template Resource Looks to Expand with CES Clientele


PhotoTidings is a cutting-edge graphic design company that develops a wide array of innovative and creative digital photo template designs for in-store and online photo retailers. With one of the industry’s largest libraries of photo template content, PhotoTidings remains a go-to resource for both independent and high-volume customers seeking creative and diverse photo design styles.

From traditional to modern, PhotoTidings’ collection of thousands of unique digital template designs is available for the following creative photo merchandise: photo cards; photo calendars; photo books; photo posters and banners; photo mugs; photo sports templates; photo gift tags and address labels; photo collage and scrapbook pages; and photo magazine covers.

Consumer demand for personalized photo merchandise continues to grow each year, and PhotoTidings’ team of talented in-house designers keeps its finger on the pulse of themes, styles and photo layouts that appeal to today’s consumers of personalized photo products.

“Trends in consumer picture taking and sharing are at the heart of our business,” explains Maria Kuzmin, PhotoTidings’ Sales manager. “We constantly watch the market and study consumer purchasing preferences. For example, we are seeing a huge demand for large-format products as well as multi-photo card designs. A family today can come away with hundred photos of just one of their kid’s soccer games. Our photo designs provide a unique opportunity for people to print and share the photo stories of their lives.” 

Headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, PhotoTidings has been busy producing more than a hundred new photo template designs for their booth at the 2012 PMA@CES show. “This is our 15th year exhibiting at PMA,” says PhotoTidings’ art director, Brianna Bulski. “We’re extremely excited about the colocation of PMA and CES. We’re providing new designs to our loyal customers as well as potential customers via CES with electronic accessory ideas, such as art for cell phone cases and iPad cases. We feel our designs are strong enough to sell as a product with or without a photo.”

PhotoTidings complements its talented team of professional designers with a savvy and experienced technical team. “Formatting our template files for easy content deployment in most kiosks and online platforms is our goal,” adds PhotoTidings’ lead technician expert, Peter Martin.

The company’s templates are offered as Photoshop files and as dedicated files for many popular digital printing machines, such as Noritsu, Fujifilm, ExpressDigital, Lucidiom and more. Their customers include photographers, photo retailers, digital labs, minilabs, professional photo labs and web-based photo retailers. Visit PhotoTidings at