(Really Young) Kids & CE

(Really Young) Kids & CE


No sooner do we announce that Mattel has come to market with a $79 digital camera for toddlers that we eye some recent findings from the NPD Group on a new study they conducted examining children and consumer electronics.

Among the more interesting findings of the study, particularly for resellers of CE/Imaging products: households with children under age 14 are more likely to have a desktop computer than a TV; kids are more likely to personally own a video game than a TV; and by age 7, a large number of children are integrating personal music devices, digital cameras and DVD players into their daily activities.

The report, titled “Kids and Consumer Electronics,” also happens to stress the importance of retooling marketing plans for these products to include the 4-14-year old demographic. Marketers “have to take into account this new digital reality of kids’ lives and consider it in all product design and marketing plans. From the kinds of products that appeal to kids to the way you talk to them on packages and in advertising––it has to be a consideration,” the report states.

Speaking to this trend, beyond the toddler-cam news, Mattel recently announced that it had agreed to acquire the electronic toy maker Radica Games for approximately $230 million. The move smartly combines Radica’s technology with Mattel brands such as Barbie, Hot Wheels and Matchbox.

The deal comes as toy makers like Mattel are trying to appeal to tech-savvy children by incorporating technology into their products or introducing “toy” versions of adult gadgets––the difference today is the toy-versions actually work.