Canon RF14-35mm F4 L IS USM: Broadest Range for FF EOS R...

Canon RF14-35mm F4 L IS USM: Broadest Range for FF EOS R Cameras

Canon RF14–35mm f/4 L IS USM

Melville, NY—The Canon RF14-35mm F4 L IS USM lens brings 14mm, ultrawide-angle coverage to full-frame EOS R-series users. On top of ultrawide capabilities, its 14–35mm zoom range is the broadest ever in a Canon wide-angle zoom for full-frame AF cameras. Consequently, one single lens can potentially handle all wide-angle needs, from ultrawide imagery to street photography.

Additionally, the lens is a solution for a variety of situations, such as landscape, architecture and travel photography as well as video creation. The new wide-angle lens works with the expanding family of EOS R full-frame mirrorless cameras, including the upcoming EOS R3 in development.
Canon RF14–35mm f/4 L IS USM
Canon RF14-35mm F4 L IS USM

The lens offers a compact overall design and modest weight of 1.2 pounds. It is also well balance during handheld or gimbal-mounted operation. A key feature appealing to landscape and nature photographers is its ability to accept conventional, 77mm screw-in filters. This is noteworthy on a lens for full-frame cameras with 14mm ultrawide coverage. Moreover, the lens’s 7.9-inch close-focusing capability is exceptional for an ultrawide zoom of its type.

Image stabilization enhances the RF14–35mm’s appeal for low-light still imagery, as well as for steady, wide video footage. It provides up to 5.5 stops of optical image stabilization built in. What’s more, with coordinated IS when using such cameras as the EOS R6 and EOS R5, it delivers up to 7 stops of shake correction. This can mean sharper handheld images in low light, even at slow shutter speeds.

Canon RF14–35mm f/4 L IS USM

In addition, the lens has a bright, constant f/4 maximum aperture. It also employs L-series optical construction; this is highlighted by three UD glass elements and three aspherical elements. Canon also used many of its most advanced proprietary lens coatings to help minimize ghosting and flaring. They include Sub-wavelength Structure Coating (SWC) and Air Sphere Coating (ASC).

The lens placement and coatings are also optimized to help users get clear, high-contrast images, even when there is a bright light source either in, or immediately outside, the frame.

Additional features of the Canon RF14–35mm f/4 L IS USM include 0.38x magnification at the 35mm zoom setting; high-speed, smooth, quiet autofocus with Canon’s Nano USM; a control ring for changing aperture, shutter speed, ISO speed and exposure compensation settings; and dust and weather resistance on par with other Canon L-series lenses.

The Canon RF14–35mm f/4 L IS USM lens will ship in August 2021. It will have a suggested retail price of $1,699.