Cokin EVO Modular Filter Holder from OmegaBrandess

Cokin EVO Modular Filter Holder from OmegaBrandess

New Holder Marks Evolution of Cokin’s Creative Filter System

Cokin EVO Filter Holder on Camera. © Jean-Michel Lenoir

Hampstead, MD—Cokin and OmegaBrandess announced the Cokin EVO, a modular filter holder designed for “demanding photographers.” The EVO is an evolution of Cokin’s Creative Filter system and the result of the company’s experience in filter making.

Cokin M and L EVO Filter Holders

The EVO filter holder is available in two sizes: M, for lens filter sizes from Ø49 to Ø62, $99.99; and L, for lens filter sizes from Ø52 to Ø82, $148.99. They are compatible with nearly all Cokin Creative as well as Nuances filters.

Cokin EVO Features

The EVO filter holder main plate is made of aluminum, to make it both sturdy and light. Modular, it can hold up to three filters in resistant polyamide slots. A custom designed mask prevents light leaks when using Cokin Nuances or similar filters dedicated to long-exposure photography.

The included front plate allows a Ø95mm (M) or Ø105mm (L) EVO circular polarizing filter to be attached. In addition, sold separately, the EVO circular polarizing filter comes in a soft-touch hard case.

Cokin EVO Circular Polarizer Filter Case

Created to meet photographers’ expectations, EVO offers several configurations—by changing the number of slots (from one to three) or their thickness (up to 4mm).

The filter holder is also compatible with almost all Cokin Creative adapter rings and filters. As a result, existing Cokin users can just upgrade to the new EVO filter holder.

Cokin EVO Filter Holder on Tokina Lens

Furthermore, an optional carrying case holds four adapter rings, six filters, one EVO filter holder and one circular polarizing filter in its own case.


Named after its founder, Jean Coquin, a French photographer of the 1970s, Cokin is the inventor of the Creative Filters system. The system is comprised of an adapter ring, filter holder and also filters. Cokin-EVO-Filter-Holder-pkgBZE01


OmegaBrandess has manufactured and distributed photographic and imaging products for more than 75 years. A privately held company, OmegaBrandess supplies the photography industry with 10,000+ products.