Hoya Sparkle 4x and 6x Cross-Effect Filters

Hoya Sparkle 4x and 6x Cross-Effect Filters


Huntington Beach, CA—Kenko Tokina Co. announced the release of the Hoya Sparkle creative series. The series features the Hoya Sparkle 4x and Sparkle 6x filters.

The new Sparkle filters use a multi-coating process and etching pattern that limit the size of the stars versus traditional star filters. Traditional cross filters tend to lengthen the light beams from sources. As a result, they create dense illuminations that can lead to overloaded imagery.

Hoya Sparkle 4x and Sparkle 6x filters

However, the moderation of the beams is what makes the Sparkle filters unique. Consequently, the star points have a more natural look.

Hoya Sparkle Filters

In addition, the filters are more sensitive to very small light sources like stars. Thus, they are a choice for astrophotographers seeking a different look.

Moreover, a Sparkle filter’s rotating frame lets users control the direction or angle of the points emanating from light sources. The knurling on its frame also makes it easy to attach and remove the filter from a lens. In addition, the filters are matte black to minimize unwanted reflections and ghosting.

The Hoya Sparkle series is a special cross-effect filter available in a 4-cross and 6-cross pattern. They create only moderately sized beams on light sources while softly enhancing their strength. Key specs include digital multi-coated glass that allows a maximum surface light reflection ratio of 0.5%; a thin frame to minimize vignetting even with wide-angle lenses; and a UV absorption filter case.

Hoya Sparkle 4x Effect

Like all star filters, the Sparkle filter softens and reduces contrast in the image, similar to a soft diffusion filter. It also affects the whole image, making it an option for diffusion even when pinpoint light sources are not in the picture. In the absence of strong light sources, the Sparkle filter produces a soft effect, creating a dreamy atmosphere. This is especially useful for portrait, flower and landscape photography. Users can also further strengthen the soft effect through increasing the focal length toward the telephoto end.

Both the Sparkle 4 and Sparkle 6 filters come in sizes ranging from 49mm to 82mm. The 4x filter converts the source of light into a 4-pointed star. Conversely, the 6x filter takes a direct source of light and transforms it into a 6-pointed star. Both versions will reach retail beginning November 12, 2021.