H&Y Magnetic Holder Cap for K Series Filters

H&Y Magnetic Holder Cap for K Series Filters


Hong Kong—A photography filter manufacturer, H&Y Filters introduced a magnetic holder cap for their signature Magnetic Filter system. Bound by strong magnetic force, the cap provides protection for the lens when the holder is up.

“The H&Y K series Magnetic Filter system was the first-ever patented magnetic system ever designed for square filters,” the company announced. “Magnets on the holder and magnets on filter frames engage filters and holders together. Apart from the traditional slot-in system, trouble-free one-snap filter installation allows you to stack as many filters as you need.

H&Y Magnetic Holder Cap

“The system is highly durable; the filter frames absorb the impact of filters dropping. The gapless design allows no light leak,” H&Y added.

Magnetic Holder Cap Features

H&Y makes the new magnetic holder cap from lightweight yet tough CNC machined aircraft-grade aluminum. A computer numerical controlled (CNC) machine controls the operation of machine tools; consequently, it shapes the metal into parts that meet exact specifications. As a result, all H&Y holder caps are made with minimal deviation mechanically.

In addition, H&Y embeds magnets on the sides of the cap to achieve a strong magnetic force. With one clip, the holder cap is on the lens providing protection.

H&Y’s Magnetic Filter system also addresses the vignetting that usually happens when a superwide-angle lens (<18mm) is used with a filter system. The thickness of the holder system could block some of the light entering the lens. The thinner the setup in front of the lens, the less vignetting appears in the original image. With the H&Y K series Magnetic Filter system, photographers have an extremely thin setup, even if one more filter is used. HY-Magnetic-HolderCap_2

In addition, photographers can use various combinations of filters with rectangular filters. They can switch between CPL, ND, CPL&ND, as well as night filters. Reframing or recomposing pictures is easier when ND filters can be removed at any time.

What’s more, H&Y’s filter drop-in allows rotation of a polarizer filter even after the filter holder is up, with the control wheel popping out on the side. Consequently, it offers faster operation than traditional slot-in filters.

Furthermore, H&Y K filters achieve extra protection due to their strengthened Corning Gorilla Glass 3. H&Y also coated the glass with minimal to no color cast. According to H&Y, the glass is not only chemically strengthened but its atomic configuration is also formulated so that it is more durable.

Compatibility with Other Brands

New users to H&Y’s system can continue using the glass filters from other brands that they already own. They will fit in the K series Magnetic Filter system.

H&Y Filters offers magnetic frames in 100–150mm sizes. The new H&Y magnetic holder cap is available now with a suggested retail price of $24.99.