Lensbaby Sol 45 & Sol 22 Accessory Lenses

Lensbaby Sol 45 & Sol 22 Accessory Lenses


Portland, OR—Lensbaby, maker of creative effects lenses, optics and accessories, launched its most playful and accessible lens yet—the Sol 45.

Staying true to the company’s roots of manual, in-camera creative effects, the Sol 45 gives photographers a lens that can “capture intentional, personal images that unveil their unique take on the world,” the company announced.

Operating the Sol 45

Enthusiast DSLR and mirrorless camera shooters, especially those who are newer to Lensbaby, now have the opportunity to experiment with the brand’s look for a price of $169.95.

Lensbaby Sol 45

“Sol 45 opens up a new creative experience for those who want to dip their toes in the Lensbaby pool,” said Craig Strong, Lensbaby cofounder and CCO. “Sol inspires visual artists to find new and fun ways to see their world by creating unique images in camera—no filters needed.”

Lensbaby Sol 45 selective focus lenshero
Lensbaby Sol 45

The fixed aperture lens creates a sharp circular area of focus surrounded by bold blur and smooth bokeh. To achieve this selective focus look, users identify a subject in frame; bend the lens toward it; rotate the focus ring to bring the subject into focus; and shoot.

The Sol 45 also features two bokeh blades to give users more control over their in-the-moment creative experience. The blades are situated on hinged arms that hide at the edges of the lens. They add subtle lines and texture to the bokeh. To use them, users bring the blades into the lens’s field of view. They then rotate them in any direction: horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

Lensbaby Sol 45 bokeh blades

The 45mm Sol’s tilt mechanism always keeps the area of focus within the frame, whether on full-frame or APS-C sensor cameras. The manual focus lens also has a center-locking ability. Twisting the lens into the lock position lets users know when the spot of focus is in the center of the frame. Other features include: a fixed f/3.5 aperture; a minimum focusing distance of 14 inches; and 46mm filter threads.

In addition, the lens features a lightweight, portable design that makes it a suitable travel companion. And its dimensions complement those of mirrorless cameras. The Sol 45 is made specifically for DSLR and mirrorless cameras. It is compatible with Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony A, Pentax K, Sony E as well as Fujifilm X mounts.

Lensbaby Sol 22

In addition, the lens comes in a 22mm version for Micro Four Thirds photographers. It offers the same features as the Sol 45. However, the Sol 22 was developed in a 22mm focal length (44mm equivalent) specifically for MFT cameras.

Lensbaby Sol 22

Lensbaby’s Sol 22 has a fixed aperture of f/3.5 and a minimum focus distance of 3.5 inches. Weighing 5.1 ounces, it is available in the Micro Four Thirds mount for Panasonic and Olympus cameras.

“Whether you’re a pro, an artist or just starting out, discover or rediscover your passion for in-camera creation with the Sol 45 and Sol 22,” added Strong. “Sol gives you the freedom to get lost in the process of creating. Unveil your unique take on the world by tilting the lens to isolate your subject and capture intentional, personal and distinct images.”