Megadap ETZ11 Adapter Supports Sony E Lenses on Nikon Z Cameras

Megadap ETZ11 Adapter Supports Sony E Lenses on Nikon Z Cameras


Hong KongMegadap, a new manufacturer specializing in camera lens accessories, introduced the first automatic Megadap ETZ11 adapter. The autofocus adapter permits the full lineup of Nikon Z mirrorless cameras to use Sony E-mount lenses. Furthermore, the adapter works on both Nikon fullframe and APS-C-format Z cameras.

“Megadap has spent countless hours to optimize the firmware and ensure a much faster focusing speed for most of the compatible lenses over similar adapters in the market,” the company announced.It is also first of its kind to be compatible with manual lenses without electronic chips.”

Megadap ETZ11 Adapter
Megadap Adapter ETZ11 on camera

When using the adapter, in-camera IBIS is supported in AF– S/AF-C/MF modes. Auto aperture control as well as aperture coupling (aligned aperture values showing on the lens’s body) are also supported. For example, Sony GM lenses with aperture ring, Zeiss Loxia lenses, Voigtlander VE lenses, etc., are compatible.

Moreover, smooth real-time focus tracking is allowed with ETZ11. In addition, the adapter can also work with MF lenses (with/without chips).

The adapter also supports a variety of thirdparty Sony Emount lenses for use on Nikon Z cameras, in both automatic and manual mode shooting. The ETZ11 allows photographers to use Emount lenses from Zeiss, Sigma, Tamron, Voigtlander and Samyang (Rokinon) on Nikon Z cameras just as native Z-mount lenses.

Moreover, Megadap applied high-quality plating on the surface of ETZ11 autofocus adapter; its 2mm thickness made of aluminum alloy is thin but tough. Plus, the circuit board is protected from daily use. Further, the new design of the release button permits users to press the button down easily for quick installation.

Megadap Adapter ETZ11 back

In addition, a USB update tool is included in the ETZ11 package. Users can perform the update by connecting the clip-on electronic contact spots on the adapter and plugging the USB end into a computer. When they drag the updated firmware downloaded from Megadap’s official website into the popup folder (like working with a flash drive), the update is finished.

Megadap Adapter ETZ11 Bundle

The Megadap ETZ11 automatic adapter for Sony E-mount lenses to Nikon Z cameras has a suggested retail price of $249.