New and Improved Tiffen Diopter Filters

New and Improved Tiffen Diopter Filters


Hauppauge, NY—Tiffen Filters expanded its portfolio with new large-format diopter filters. Tiffen Filters is a division of the Tiffen Company, a manufacturer of imaging accessories for the consumer/professional imaging as well as the motion picture and broadcast television industries.

Tiffen 30mm Strip Diopter

A diopter, or close-up filter, is a lens that, when placed over a camera’s lens, acts like a magnifying glass. Moreover, it enables the camera’s lens to focus closer than its normal minimum focus distance. Variations of the diopters include full field diopters, split diopters, third cover FX split diopters, strip diopters as well as letter box diopters.

Image taken with Tiffen full field diopter +2 (left) and without filter

Full field diopters are used to shorten the close focusing distance when using a fixed focal length. Consequently, they allow the camera to focus closer to the subject. This is especially useful for anamorphic lenses that do not have a close focusing distance.

Image taken with Tiffen Split Field +2 Filter

Split diopters help enhance the depth of field. They permit more of the scene to be in total focus simultaneously. In addition, these diopters are semicircular pieces of glass that are mounted in ring form. Moreover, they can be rotated in a matte box to achieve the desired effect.

Image taken with Tiffen 30mm Strip Diopter +3

Strip diopters enable users to achieve creative in-camera effects, allowing for experimentation. Moreover, these diopters achieve varied focus, diffusion and even double imaging effects. They come in a 15mm strip as well as a 30mm strip. The 30mm is a wider strip that accommodates different focal lengths as well as image sizes.

Image taken with Tiffen 30mm letter box diopter

Letter box diopters are considered the reverse of strip diopters. An open slot in the center (similar to a slot in a mail/letter box) is flanked by diopter glass on either side. These diopters create interesting effects while allowing users to experiment and achieve varied focus, diffusion and double imaging effects. They come in 15mm and 30mm formats.

Tiffen Diopter Filters

Tiffen 15mm Letter Box Diopter

The following diopters are now available from Tiffen.

•    138mm full cover diopters in 4x magnification: +½; +1; +2; +3
•    138mm split diopters in 4x magnification: +½; +1; +2; +3
•    138mm 15mm strip FX diopter in 3x magnification: +1; +2; +3
•    138mm 30mm strip FX diopter in 3x magnification: +1; +2; +3
•    138mm third cover FX split diopter 50mm in magnification: +1; +2;  +3
•    138mm letter box FX diopter 15mm in magnification: +1; +2; +3
•    138mm letter box FX diopter 30mm in magnification: +1; +2; +3
•    23x in a set

In addition, Tiffen offers its diopter filters individually.