ProMaster HGX Prime Variable Neutral Density Filters

ProMaster HGX Prime Variable Neutral Density Filters


Fairfield, CT—ProMaster unveiled HGX Prime variable neutral density filters. The pro-caliber filters provide an extremely sharp image with outstanding color rendition. Moreover, the 1.3 to 8 stop density range is achieved with color-corrected polarizing films that are applied using a unique, proprietary process.

In addition, each filter is manufactured using ultra-hardened, scratch-resistant optical glass. The glass is individually ground, polished and coated with 36 layers of antireflective multicoatings. Like all ProMaster HGX Prime filters, these variable NDs feature a Repellamax II antistatic barrier to resist dust, dirt, oil, water as well as

ProMaster HGX Prime VND X Mark


HGX Prime Variable Neutral Density Filter Specs

Further, mechanical hard stops at each end of the filter’s density range prevent photographers from going outside the minimum/maximum usable density. For easier, repeatable control over density settings, the filter ring is also visually demarcated with white lines at each full density stop—from 1.3 (minimum) to 8 (maximum).

All VND filters are prone to cross-polarization at higher densities. However, the X on the ring of these filters shows photographers where they might start to see an X-shaped dark area in the image when using a wide-angle lens.

What’s more, installed on each filter is a small, removable, knurled knob that allows for fast, precise adjustments to the filter. Photographers can take hold of this tactile control knob to rotate to the desired density. In addition, if lost, replacement tactile control knobs can be obtained by e-mailing ProMaster’s U.S.-based customer support at

ProMaster HGX Prime VND Tactile Control Knob

Also, the outer threads of the filters are the same size as the mounting thread. This permits users to attach the lens cap while the filter is installed; it also eliminates the need for steeping rings when mounting other accessories.

Moreover, each filter is packaged in an environmentally economical, minimalist container. The container also stores the filter when not in use. Inside the packaging is a label that directs photographers to ProMaster’s new filter micro site: The site offers instructions about how to use the VND filter, as well as detailed explanations about cross-polarization.

The filters are designed in the United States and manufactured in Japan. ProMaster HGX Prime variable neutral density filters are available in nine sizes. They range from 49mm to 82mm and have retail prices starting at $119.95.