Techart Autofocus Adapter for Nikon Mirrorless Z Cameras

Techart Autofocus Adapter for Nikon Mirrorless Z Cameras


Guangzhou China—Techart unveiled an EF-mount lens to Nikon Z autofocus adapter (TZC-01). The Techart TZC-01 lens adapter allows EF-mount lenses from Canon, Sigma, Tamron and Tokina to retain autofocus, aperture control, lens stabilization as well as other functionalities when used on Nikon Z 6 and Z 7 cameras.

Techart previously launched an autofocus adapter for Sony E-mount lenses on Nikon Z cameras six months ago.

Techart Autofocus Adapter

The Techart adapter enables both the autofocus and auto-aperture functions of EF-mount lenses to operate on the Nikon Z 6 and Z 7 full-frame mirrorless cameras. Moreover, the lens adapter supports AF-S, AF-C, AF-F and MF modes in still as well as video shooting.

Techart TZC-01

In addition, the adapter supports the remarkable face and eye-detection features of the Z-mount cameras. Other functions, like lens vibration reduction image stabilization and time-lapse recording are also operable. What’s more, the device adopts phase-detection autofocus; it guarantees both AF accuracy and speed is very close to that of native Z-mount lenses. However, the company cautions that functionality may vary when different E-mount lenses are used.

Techart developed the adapter to expand the lens options for Nikon Z system photographers. The Nikon Z system is a relatively new system and it does not yet have a complete lens selection, though it is continually expanding.

With the new adapter, photographers can make use of the EF lenses from various manufacturers. Further, the adapter currently supports most of the Canon, Sigma, Tamron, Tokina and Zeiss lenses with an EF mount. These lenses include Canon 16–35mm L, 24–70mm L and 70–200mm L lenses, as well as Sigma Art, Canon tilt/shift glass and Tamron zoom lenses.

Techart TZC-01

The TZC-01 adapter comes with a free lens dock for firmware upgrades. Users connect a PC/Mac via a Micro USB cable (not included) and the firmware is updated by the Techart app.

The Techart EF to Nikon Z autofocus adapter is available for $249. In addition, the company includes a one-year warranty.