Tokina SZ 8mm F2.8 EF-M Fisheye Lens

Tokina SZ 8mm F2.8 EF-M Fisheye Lens

Tokina SZ 8mm f/2.8 EF-M Fisheye

Huntington Beach, CA—Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd., announced the sales release date of the Tokina SZ 8mm F2.8 Fisheye lens in the Canon EF-M camera mount. Sales will commence on August 16, 2022.

The suggested genres for the lens include landscape, nightscape, interior, architecture, street snap as well as pet photography. Emphasized perspective and unique distortion also make the lens attractive for both still photographers and videographers.

Tokina SZ 8mm f/2.8 EF-M Fisheye

In addition, its ultrawide angle of view, unique perspective effect and compact design make it a tool for creating viral images for social networks such as Instagram. It is also a solution for vlogging.

Tokina SZ 8mm F2.8 EF-M Fisheye Features

The Tokina SZ 8mm F2.8 Fisheye lens is a compact, lightweight, fast, ultrawide prime, full-frame fisheye lens. The manual focus lens is exclusively for APS-C-sensor mirrorless cameras.

The lens is available in versions for the Fujifilm X, Sony E (APS-C) and Canon EF-M camera mounts. With an overall length of 2 inches and a weight of 9.9 ounces, its dimensions complement those of mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras.

Furthermore, the Tokina SZ 8mm f/2.8 Fisheye is a fast f/2.8 lens that incorporates Tokina’s exclusive multi-coated optical elements for effective light intake. Consequently, the lens permits the use of increased shutter speeds in lowlight conditions.

Sample photo by Manvir Singh

Other features include a clickless aperture ring for smooth operation during video shooting; a minimum focus distance of 3.9 inches to include close-up objects in front of a wide background; and a detachable bayonet type hood for use with full-frame mirrorless cameras to achieve a circular fisheye effect.

The Tokina SZ 8mm f/2.8 Fisheye lens will have a suggested retail price of $299.