Venus Optics Laowa 7.5mm T2.9 Zero-D S35 Cine Wide Super35 Prime

Venus Optics Laowa 7.5mm T2.9 Zero-D S35 Cine Wide Super35 Prime


Anhui, China—Venus Optics released the Laowa 7.5mm T2.9 Zero-D S35 Cine. The lens is the widest rectilinear lens in the S35 lineup. Consequently, it produces a “zero-distortion” image even with the 123° perspective. Cinematographers can also directly attach filters to the lens.

Laowa 7.5mm T2.9 Zero-D S35 Features

This 7.5mm cine lens is compact and lightweight. It measures 3.2 inches in length and weighs less than 1.4 pounds. Consequently, it can fit onto any stabilization system, including handheld gimbals.

Venus Optics Laowa 7.5mm T2.9 Zero-D S35 Cine

Moreover, due to its wide angle of view (123°), the lens provides users with a super-broad unique-to-your-eye perspective. A T2.9 large aperture is also beneficial for filmmakers to shoot in low light and control the depth of field. In addition, it is an option for shooting in a limited space or for capturing establishing shots.

The cine lens’s zero-distortion capability also enables cinematographers to shoot with straight lines retained. As a result, its Zero-D design is advantageous when shooting architectural, aerial and indoor footage.

Furthermore, the minimum focusing distance of the lens is 9.8 inches. As a result, cinematographers can get close to the subject and still focus. Thus, they can create a strong visual impact with an extreme close-up while at the same time create a shallower depth of field that builds a background bokeh effect.

Venus Optics Laowa 7.5mm T2.9 Zero-D S35 Cine

In addition, its newly devised optical structure contains 16 elements in 10 groups. It uses two extra-low dispersion (ED) glass elements and two aspherical glasses. They work to improve image sharpness and control chromatic aberration in both in-focus and out-of-focus areas.

Moreover, a non-dome-shaped front element allows attaching a 77mm screw-in filter directly. This makes filming easier for cinematographers, as a matte box is not required. Venus-Laowa-7.5mm-T2.9-Zero-D-S35-Cine-case

The 7.5mm T2.9 Zero-D S35 Cine lens comes with a weather-sealed box. The cine lens is now available for the suggested retail price of $699.