Venus Optics Debuts Laowa Argus 33mm f/0.95 CF APO Lens

Venus Optics Debuts Laowa Argus 33mm f/0.95 CF APO Lens


Anhui ChinaVenus Optics debuted the Laowa Argus 33mm f/0.95 CF APO prime lens for APSC-format cameras. From Greek mythology, Argus was the name of a vigilant guardian with a hundred eyes and all-seeing sight. Venus Optics chose the name to represent the ultrabright f/0.95 aperture of the lens.

Moreover, the 35mm f/0.95 is the first lens Venus has released in the Argus line. Featuring an ultrafast f/0.95 aperture with APO design, the lens offers photographers and videographers a classic focal length for everyday shooting. Further, it provides the versatility to shoot in difficult lighting conditions.

Venus Optics Laowa Argus 33mm f/0.95 CF APO

The lens delivers exception image quality wide open and suppresses the chromatic aberration to the minimal. Couple with the 35mm (1.15 feet) minimum focus distance, a buttery smooth and exquisite bokeh rendering can easily be created,” the company announced.

Laowa Argus 33mm f/0.95 CF APO Key Features

Venus designed the new Argus 33mm f/0.95 to deliver impressive performance at its wideopen aperture. It incorporates one extralow dispersion glass, one aspherical lens and three ultra-high refraction glass elements. They combine to suppress both lateral and longitudinal chromatic aberration (CA) at all apertures. As a result, the lens also delivers image sharpness across the frame.

Venus-Laowa-Argus-33mm-DoF Laowa Argus 33mm
Depth of field under different apertures

In addition, its ultrafast f/0.95 aperture adds adreamy” atmosphere to images. The shallow depth of field also offers versatility for selective focus, isolating the subject for more creativity. Furthermore, the fast aperture makes handheld shooting in low light easier at lower ISOs. Consequently, the lens is an option for everything from portraits, lowlight photography and videography to astrophotography.

Smooth Bokeh

What’s more, its close focusing distance (from subject to sensor) of 1.15 feet allows photographers to create smooth bokeh with closeup details. Complementing this is a 9-bladed circular aperture mechanism that produces smooth, round bokeh.

Venus-Laowa-Argus-33mm-f_0 Laowa Argus 33mm
© Jimmy Chan

For videographers, Venus Optics also attempted to minimize the focus breathing of the new Argus lens. Moreover, the lens has a long focus throw (300°) to give photographers and videographers precise control of the focus over a shallow depth of field for better isolating the subject. And a stepless aperture ring also permits videographers to adjust and control exposure smoothly.

Venus also adopted an internal focus optics design so that the Laowa Argus 33mm will not extend in length during focusing. It offers additional stability as well as prevents dust from getting into the lens. This is useful to videographers when addon accessories like matte boxes are used. The lens also provides a 62mm filter thread to fit screwin filters.

Venus-Laowa-Argus-33mm-f09 DoF Laowa Argus 33mm
© WenTai DaShu

In addition, the lens is compact at 3.26 inches long; it weighs in at 1.3 pounds despite the internal focus design.


The Venus Optics Laowa Argus 33mm f/0.95 CF APO has a suggested retail price of $499. Shipping starts in early May for the Fujifilm X and Sony Emount versions. The Nikon Z and Canon RF mount models will ship midMay.