LG ProBeam Home Cinema Projector

LG ProBeam Home Cinema Projector

LG ProBeam

Huntsville, AL—At CES 2017, LG Electronics (LG) will introduce the LG ProBeam laser projector for home cinema viewing. “The LG ProBeam will go beyond the demands of consumers who seek not only high performance but also the versatility to go outside the comforts of one’s living room to enjoy movies and TV programs anytime, anywhere,” the company announced.

The LG ProBeam, model HF80J, is equipped with an advanced laser engine that produces up to 2,000 lumens of brightness. This enabes viewers to watch video content even in a bright room. The projector has a slim, sleek body that makes it more portable thanks to its I-shaped laser engine design.

LG ProBeam

The ProBeam was developed to be “the industry’s lightest Full HD laser projector in the brightness range of 2,000 lumens.”

With a compact, standing-type form factor, it weighs 4.6 pounds. In addition, LG chose the ProBeam’s classic look so it would blend in with any décor.

LG ProBeam Tech

With its integrated sound sync adjustment function, the LG ProBeam can be paired with any Bluetooth audio product. These include an external speaker or headphones. Furthermore, the LG ProBeam’s wireless mirroring feature takes advantage of Miracast to project content from smart devices onto a large projection screen. The four corner keystone and vertical auto keystone features enable consumers to find the best image setting and to balance images quickly.

Furthermore, consumers will have access to the growing number of streaming services. The will be able to access relevant programs according to their preferences via LG’s proprietary webOS platform. In addition, LG’s Magic remote control permits navigation of the webOS Smart TV interface. Additionally, with webOS, users have access to an increasing number of streaming services, depending on their location and availability.

“These dynamic features make it easier to enjoy movies in living rooms, to watch exciting sporting events in backyards, and also to take the LG ProBeam even on camping trips,” said Brian Kwon, president of the LG Home Entertainment Company. “As a leader in LED projectors worldwide, LG is confident its experience in the home entertainment sector will make its first laser projector a hit with consumers. LG is also proud to continue pioneering new ways to enhance the home cinema experience in dynamic ways.”

LG’s new laser projector will be on display at CES in the LVCC, Central Hall, Booth 11100. lg.com