Elinchrom One Portable Battery-Powered Monolight Debuts

Elinchrom One Portable Battery-Powered Monolight Debuts


Renens, Switzerland—Elinchrom introduced the portable Elinchrom One. It is the company’s first battery-powered monolight. The monolight was developed as part of a company-wide effort to define Elinchrom’s modern identity.

“The entire team has gone to great lengths to ensure the One features several unique, future-facing attributes while still retaining the brand’s core values,” the company announced. “For Elinchrom, the One is more than just a long-requested new product; it is the beginning of its next adventure.” Elinchrom-One-w-logo

Elinchrom One Specs

The monolight adds the versatility of an off-camera flash to lightshaping capabilities while maintaining a minimal footprint. Similar in size and weight (3.3 pounds) to a 70–200mm lens, the device is travel ready. Furthermore, its two-way metal tilt-head with a 7–8mm umbrella mount detaches; subsequently, the Elinchrom One is ergonomic for hand-holding.

Moreover, the device utilizes an internal Li-ion battery for portability and enhanced protection from the elements while on location. Plus, users are not tied to proprietary spare batteries or chargers; they can charge the monolight from any USB-C source. Further, due to active charging, users can connect it to a power source and continue shooting while charging, regardless of the battery’s power level.

In addition, the monolight is capable of producing 725 full-power flashes on a single charge; consequently, it is an option for longer shoots.

Elinchrom One

Compatible with the newly developed Elinchrom OCF modifier mount, the Elinchrom One also natively supports most Profoto OCF light shapers. Additionally, the included Elinchrom OCF to bayonet adapter enables mounting to speed rings and reflectors using the traditional Elinchrom bayonet. What’s more, its unconcealed flashtube allows for optimal light spread.

Elinchrom One

The monolight also utilizes its 131Ws capacity to generate a light output usually seen in 200+ Ws units. At 3.3 feet and 100 ISO, specs state it can achieve f/11.9 with the diffusion dome attached. When combined with the HP reflector, the achievable fstop climbs to f/5.2.

Additional Features
Elinchrom One

Another feature is its touchscreen interface with a newly designed, streamlined menu structure. Plus, TTL with manual lock enables a quick switch from TTL to manual without losing exposure settings.

Other specs include a bicolor LED modeling lamp; adjustable color temperatures of 2,700 to 6,500 with an output of 3,000 lumens and CRI 95; a recycle time of 0.9 sec at full power; the ability to maintain a +/-150K color temperature over its power range; sync up to 1/8,000s with HSS; freeze motion, overpower ambient light as well as darken backgrounds; and a smart pro-active cooling system.

Shipping in late August 2021, the Elinchrom One off-camera flash kit retails for $899.99.